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Liposuction Can Help Some People Feel Better About Their Body

Jun 02, 2021

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes fat from specific areas of the body to improve appearance. An incision is made to access and suck out excess fat cells with a high-powered vacuum tube during the procedure. Liposuction can help people who are unhappy with their bodies feel better about themselves and enjoy life more. The procedure is especially beneficial for people with large amounts of fat in certain areas, such as the abdomen or thighs.

This procedure is typically performed on people who are obese or near-obese. The cost of liposuction depends on the extent and number of areas that need to be treated (some patients may require more than one surgery). This article will answer all your questions about liposuction so you can determine whether or not it's right for you!

How Does The Procedure Work?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat from the body. Liposuction can be used to remove localized pockets of fat, such as those in the hips, buttocks, or abdomen, or it can be used on larger areas like the thighs and stomach. A surgeon uses long thin tubes with small hoses attached to them called cannulas under your skin at various points across an area where they want to reduce fat cells.

This is done by inserting one tube into each incision site around the treatment area (a pattern). The vacuum pulls up fluid and any fats through these small pipes, which are then collected in a sterile container for disposal later. This process repeats until all localized fat has been removed from an area.

The procedure takes about an hour and is typically done on a fully alert patient. It can be performed in an office or hospital, depending on the extent of the surgery required. Liposuction usually leaves little to no scarring since it does not cut into any muscle tissue. It takes about six weeks before a person can comfortably return to work following their procedure.

The full recovery process will depend on the extent of treatment required but typically lasts four months or longer with an additional three-month wait time before more procedures can be performed. There are also risks involved with this procedure. These can include bleeding, infection, scarring, and a change in skin texture.

Common Areas of the Body That Undergo Liposuction:

The most common areas that undergo liposuction are the stomach, thighs (women), and love handles hips, or waistline (men). Other areas include arms in addition to other places like knees and calves as well as buttocks. Some people will add on additional procedures such as tummy tucks if they have loose skin following their weight loss surgery.

Liposuction on the stomach can help patients feel better about their bodies in several ways. It can remove excess fat, tighten the stomach muscles and flatten out any skin that may have been stretched due to weight gain.

When lipo is done on the thighs, it can help eliminate bumps in the skin and give patients a more contoured look.

Liposuction on love handles will reduce fat around this area, which is where many people carry excess weight due to deposits of fat that are difficult for diet or exercise to get rid of.

The risks involved should be discussed with your doctor before undergoing procedures like lipo because there could be an increased risk for complications if you have certain pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes.

Costs of Liposuction

Liposuction costs will vary depending on different factors such as location, doctor's fees, and your medical coverage. For example, lipo surgery typically ranges from $1000-$2000 at an outpatient facility with a physician assistant for every hour of surgical time (anything over hours is billed hourly).

The cost you pay for this procedure depends on whether it is performed while the patient is awake or put under, which varies anywhere from $500-2500 at top-rated plastic surgeon offices nationwide.

Specific lipo costs vary from person to person because they depend on what areas you would like treated and how much time your doctor needs to dedicate towards surgery with regards to sterilizing, prepping, and disposing of everything after surgery.

Since lipo eliminates fat cells stored below the skin's surface, you may notice that your clothes fit better after a treatment like this! The benefits often outweigh the risks of getting liposuction done by a professional surgeon; however, it should not replace healthy eating habits or exercise routines.

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