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A Day at the Spa Indeed: Easy to Use Spa Software is Changing the Game

Sep 03, 2018

The wellness industry is a unique creature. It is not just about the product, but also the overall feeling. To sell the experience, even booking an appointment should be a pleasant event.

But, the reality of the business can negate this. Lurking behind the relaxing façade of a spa are operational issues like booking and scheduling issues.

How do you make sure that clients feel calm and happy from the minute they walk through the establishment’s door until they walk out?

What is Spa Software?

The traditional way business is done is a person calls the spa to schedule an appointment. There is usually a back and forth process where both the client and the office try to find a schedule that works for everyone. It can be stressful and time-consuming.

This is where technology offers a solution. A spa software is a service that assists spa businesses with their scheduling needs. It lets clients book appointments online or from an app.

Most spa software also has added features like allowing businesses keep track of sales and inventory.

What Are the Benefits of Spa Software?

The main benefit of a spa business is that it expedites the process of making a spa appointment. On the side of the client, it is as easy as going to a site or an app and viewing the available schedules. A few clicks in and they get their desired slot. This is something that they can do whenever it is convenient for them. It is also possible to book as a group, which makes it easy to schedule trips to the spa with friends and families.

From the standpoint of the spa, this is a smart way to do business. First, it streamlines resources. Instead of assigning someone to wait by the phone and take down notes manually, appointments are tracked manually. It also minimizes the risk of scheduling errors.

A spa software also aggregates all the other concerns of running a business into a single place. Most of the spa software available also have options for managing client profiles, reporting, payroll, and inventory. Aside from convenience, using a spa software also has a direct benefit for the bottom line of the business. Since software is not limited by work hours, the spa is connected to its clients 24/7. This means round the clock revenue opportunity.

Having a simple and reliable booking experience also increases the chances of repeat customers for the business.

Popular Spa Software

As the wellness industry grows, so does the available options for spa software. One example is Mindbody, which is a cloud-based solution designed for small to mid-sized businesses. Its clients are mainly in the wellness and fitness industries.

Its strength is in integration. It can manage schedules of appointments, including those that are waitlisted. Appointments through social media pages like Facebook are also taken into consideration.

Mindbody is also a marketing tool. A business can set up emails and other notifications to clients and then generate marketing reports.

Another example of a popular spa software is Vagaro. Like the Mindbody, it is cloud-based, which means that the data can be accessed from anywhere. Vagara works through its website or its app.

Aside from its scheduling capabilities, it can also manage the financial and marketing needs of the spa. It can keep track of bookkeeping and payroll. Vagaro can also automate targeted marketing campaigns through text or email blasts.

Finally, Acuity Scheduling sets itself apart from other spa software in that it focuses on scheduling and does not have added business-related features. Clients can see the availability of schedules with real-time updates.

Payments can be taken in advance through online payment systems like Stripe and Paypal. Acuity Scheduling can also keep track of cancellations and requests for rescheduling.

Features to Look For

The main concerns of the client when it comes to spa software is convenience. If it is not convenient, then it defeats the purpose of using a software.

For the spa business owner then, the most important features of a spa software should be a user-friendly interface and accurate content. This experience can be attained by these sample capabilities:

  • The ability for the client to customize the appointment by choosing the date, time, treatment, and therapist
  • Online payment option
  • Push notifications for scheduling reminders, events, and promos
  • Real-time updates of schedules for the accuracy of available appointments

There is no doubt that the landscape of business is changing. Increased competition and a more exacting client base require spa businesses to adapt. Clients too are changing. A trip to the spa is more than just getting a few treatments done. It is a means of practicing self-care. Using a spa software can reconcile these two needs by making the process of going to the spa a streamlined, stress-free experience.