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A Beachfront Vacation Rental Location Can Provide the Perfect Vacation

Jul 19, 2019

Vacation time is limited. While many people dream of the chance to have unlimited vacation time, most people are limited to a few weeks each year. Part of what makes vacations great is this scarcity. When you’re on vacation, you need to make the most of it! There’s more than a few ways to do that. For many, it’s a simple choice: head to the beach! 

If you don’t live in a coastal region littered with wonderful beaches, a visit is a treat. The wonderful sun shining down. The feel of soft sand running between your toes. The crisp coolness of a dip into the ocean or lake the beach is situated on. These are the moments that can turn an average vacation into a great one. It’s even possible to take a beach trip to an even higher level. Why not rent a property directly on the beach? This gets you closer to where you really want to be! Renting a beachfront vacation property is absolutely possible and within your grasp! 

Types of Beachfront Vacation Rentals

When it comes to a beachfront rental location, not all places are created the same. Sometimes a so called “beachfront” rental is beach adjacent. It lacks the view over the water and there's some sand nearby. Proper beachfront property has one side of the rental facing the water with the beach directly in between. Potential types of rentals include: 

  • Beachfront Home Rentals - This is arguably the holy grail of a beachfront vacation rental. Renting an entire beach house for a week or two is perfect for a family or a group of friends that love to travel together. 
  • Villa Rentals - Villas are very similar to homes. The main difference is they tend to be smaller and specifically designed for rental. It’s more common that villas are designed for 2 or 4 people. 
  • Beachfront Shared Apartments - Sometimes, apartment or condo complexes are built directly on the beach. These face out to the ocean and are regularly rented out. These are less common due to the building standards required when digging deeply for tall structures. 2-3 stories is typically the most you’ll see right along the beach. 
  • Beachfront Hotel Rooms - Much like shared apartments, hotels build themselves to face the beach. However, many aren’t properly beachfront. They will instead be a bit farther back, with their amenities stretching out towards the beach. 

Benefits of Renting Right on the Beach

Obviously, there are some clear benefits of beachfront rentals. Every second counts when you’re on vacation. So minimizing the travel between the beach and your accommodations helps you enjoy more leisure time and less travel time. 

Another major benefit is the sheer view of the beach. A surprisingly large number of great beaches in the world face fairly east or west. This means that you’re going to get either a beautiful beach sunrise, or an incredible beach sunset. 

Finally, being near the beach can provide better weather. Some tropical locales just drip humidity, which can be rather uncomfortable. Choosing a rental property along the beach will usually come with lower humidity and more comfortable climate. 

Finding Beachfront Vacation Rentals

We currently live in the golden age of travel plans. The proliferation of the internet to all reaches of the world means that everyone is listing their beachfront property for rent. There’s no reason to just leave your property empty when you can make some money off of it. 

Apps like Airbnb are a great place to start. If you’re looking for beachfront specifically, you can choose a website/app like hometogo instead. Airbnb gets you close, but other apps guarantee you’re right on the beach. In addition, you can still use a travel agent as well. Travel agents don’t get enough credit sometimes. For a nominal fee, they can find you a wide variety of beachfront properties that you can rent for the perfect vacation and do all of the planning for you!