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Check Out The 6 Best Chevrolet Vehicles on the Road Today

Apr 13, 2019

Chevrolet is a historic power in the car market. As the modern flagship of general motors, they continue to manufacture some great vehicles today and likely will continue to do so into the future. Chevrolet’s best vehicles are interesting due to their diversity. They seem just as comfortable making an economical family sedan as they do the great American sports car. Chevrolet continues to evolve to meet environmental requirements well. Their hybrid and electric offerings stand out as excellent in comparison to many of their direct competition. Chevrolet sometimes seems to get overshadowed by Ford. However, this is foolish. Chevrolet is a brand all new car purchasers should be interested in checking out. What follows are six of the very best offerings that Chevrolet has on offer.

1 - Chevrolet Volt

A plug in hybrid Volt costs around $34,400. Some people may find that expensive, but for someone with low to moderate range driving, the savings in gas each year will certainly bring that price down. The Volt offers 53 miles of uninterrupted electric range before it has to kick in with gasoline to charge the batteries. This is far higher than many plug in hybrids (though admittedly lower than some pure electrics). The Volt also looks and feels good to drive. It keeps corners tidy and can spark a bit of thrill when you put the foot down. The Volt also avoids some of the overly bold and “special” styling that other electric vehicles have chosen to differentiate themselves. The Volt is a stately gentleman of an electric car competing against rambunctious tattoo’d teenagers.

2 - Chevrolet Spark

The Spark offers a surprising amount of features for a car starting around $14,100. It automatically has Android Auto and Apple Play. The front of the cabin is comfortable (though the back is a touch cramped) and is really well equipped. It features materials and looks like the interior of a much more expensive. It’s true that the Spark is not particularly quick, but it does make the most out of its incredibly economical 98 hp engine.

3 - Chevrolet Sonic

One step up in size from the Spark is the Chevrolet Sonic. The Sonic starts around $16,200 and again offers a lot of features. Onboard Wi-Fi means that the kids aren’t going to get out of hand with constant cries of “are we there yet?”. The Sonic has both sedan and hatch options. Unlike many competitors, it comes with a manual transmission standard, but of course has a six speed automatic available.

4 - Chevrolet Camaro

The Camaro enters the muscle car market at a reasonable $26,000 for the base model. From there, you get an attractive muscle car. The downside to the base model is the standard 4 cylinder doesn’t exactly provide Camaro-esque power like past base models. V-6 and V-8 options can bring the power up noticeably with the V-8 putting out 455 hp. The Camaro has been nicely engineered and is more than capable of providing a driving experience normally found in cars 2x to 3x the price.

5 - Chevrolet Cruze

When it comes to compact cars, it’s hard to stand out. The Cruze starts around $18,900, making it about part for the course in pricing. The Cruze has some nice styling and the front end in particular is a treat to look at. In an effort to make itself stand out from the Civic and Golf, the Cruze offers some impressive features and extra room in the trunk. It’s also a very comfortable ride. The Cruze isn’t particularly exciting to drive, but the level of comfort is very impressive in a vehicle this price.

6 - Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

The base Corvette model starts around $57,000. The Z06 starts at $82,000. The ZR1 comes in at a staggering $122,000 and still somehow seems to be the best bargain of the bunch. It’s fair to say that every model of the current Corvette are beautiful vehicles that have done a great job of catching up with European sports cars in handling. The ZR1 takes the cake. 755 horsepower is waiting to be applied and a ridiculous top speed of 212 mph will likely never be reached by 99% of drivers. It’s a true dream car come to life.