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What Does Travel Insurance Cover: Your Questions Answered

Sep 06, 2018

Travel insurance is something that is intended to cover a variety of medical expenses, loss of luggage, cancellation of your trip or an accident during traveling. You usually have the option to select your travel insurance when you are in the process of booking your trip. The insurance will cover the exact amount of time that you are traveling. You have the ability to tailor your insurance coverage how you see fit. You can select higher medical-expense coverage or stick with something basic. You also have the option to get travel insurance from another source than who you are planning your trip with. For example, your credit card company may offer travel insurance if you are paying for your trip with their credit card. This may end up being more affordable than utilizing the rescheduling fee through your resort you have booked with. You may have to look into what the coverage offers in order to determine if additional coverage is necessary.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Medical Treatments

This coverage is intended for any type of medical emergency that you may encounter. This will usually cover your trip to a medical facility if you are unable to transport yourself. Many times your health insurance won’t provide you medical coverage outside of your network area. This coverage would kick in outside of that area and in other countries.

Cancellation of Trip

There are a number of reasons you may have to cancel your trip. There could be an illness in your family that prevents everyone from traveling. A family emergency might keep you in the area. Jury duty, medical quarantine or termination of employment are all valid reasons to cancel a trip. Whatever the reason is for having to cancel your trip you can utilize this travel insurance.

Questions and Answers

Q: Will travel insurance cover my fishing equipment if it becomes damaged during my fishing trip?

A: You may want to first check with your boat policy if you were taking your vehicle with you. If you brought your fishing equipment along for a trip and you are utilizing someone else’s vessel then you may want to look into an ‘inland marine insurance policy’. This coverage should include your fishing equipment if something were to happen.

Q:Does travel insurance cover rental vehicle repairs because of a DUI or do I utilize rental insurance?

A: Because you were at fault for this accident you will likely be responsible for paying the expenses. When you rent a vehicle you typically sign paperwork that states you are responsible for expenses that occur because of your negligence. If you are traveling for business there may be a different insurance policy that you are using. This is called ‘owned’ and ‘non-owned’ automobile insurance. Many businesses carry this insurance.

Q: Does travel insurance provide coverage if you book privately with a property owner?

A: Your trip cancellation coverage should be effective regardless of who you have booked your trip with. If you have put down any amount of money ahead of time you can get this money back. What you don’t want to do is pay cash to the private owner. There won’t be much of a trail for this money and it can be hard to get it back.

Q: Does travel insurance cover a cruise trip?

A: You will not have coverage if you are going on a cruise unless you have specifically sought out this type of coverage. You would need to purchase travel insurance that is specifically designed for a cruise trip. The basic insurance coverage typically would include coverage for any time you spend on land during the trip.

Q: Is Your Travel Insurance Coverage for your Resident Country only?

A: This is largely dependent on what insurance company you have chosen and what your policy details. Each individual contract will detail where your coverage is provided, how much coverage you get per area and what you need to do to achieve international coverage.