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Why Should You Choose a European River Cruise?

Sep 04, 2018

There’s something amazing about getting to explore Europe. The history and culture can be a once in a lifetime experience. The other thing that makes Europe so intriguing is the number of cultures and historic landmarks that are packed into such a small area. There are great cities littered everywhere and monuments to see in them all.

One of the best ways to take in Europe and all it has to offer is through a river cruise. While many people hear cruise and think of gigantic cruise liners patrolling the oceans, river cruises offer a very different but incredible experience. A river cruise will move down one of Europe’s famous rivers and stop at the main river ports. These impressive cities are explored during the day, while the travellers will sleep at night on the boat to save time. Why should you choose a river cruise? Check out the following perks.

1 - See More In Less Time

Not everyone has time or money to go back to Europe repeatedly to take in every city in an in depth fashion. For people who may only get to go to Europe once in a lifetime, a river cruise will let you see a large section of the continent while also helping plan out an itinerary for each stop to help you see everything you can. This means you can hit all of the hot spots in every port.

2 - Customizable

What’s great about the itinerary offered during a stop is that people can do whatever they feel like. Sure, the itinerary is a great way to see one of the great cities of Europe. However people are free to do their own thing as long as they get back to the boat in time. This means that any restaurant or cafe is an option for dinner.

3 - No Wasted Time

When you’re on the ocean, a cruise has a lot of time spent travelling during the day from port to port. That’s part of why they need so many things to keep people interested and amused. With a river cruise, it’s unlikely you will spend much time on the boat during the day. Typically, during a European river cruise, guests will sleep on the boat as it moves during the night, then it docks during the day. There’s more time for fun and tourism, while the gentle hum of the motor and the dip of the river waves lull the passengers to sleep.

4 - Can Control Costs

River cruises have a wide variety of different price ranges. A minimal bare bones cruise will cost around $200 per night for each person. That will still get you from city to city. If you’re looking for something more elaborate, there’s all inclusive packages which can run a little bit higher. These all inclusive packages may run around $500 per night. While this may seem expensive, it’s a reasonable fee to have meals and activities already prepared and paid for at every port of call.

5 - It’s Good Exercise

Exercising is great. Many people go on a vacation and lounge on a beach and gobble down the calories. With a river cruise, you’re not going to want to consider any of that. With limited time in each city, it’s likely that you’ll be getting a huge number of steps in. With all that exercise, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in some incredible european pastries with almost every meal.

6 - Great Service

Since there’s far less people on a river cruise boat, it’s common for crew and wait staff to become friendly throughout the length of the cruise. It’s common for staff to custom order items to be delivered at the next port if a guest requires it. This can be especially true when people choose a 21 day cruise instead of a 7 day one. You’ll get to know everyone quite well.