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Make Sure You Have Every Part of the Perfect Bedding Sets

Jun 24, 2019

Choosing the perfect bedding is just as important as choosing the correct bedroom furniture. Your home is a reflection of you, but your bedroom reflects your personal being. It’s the room that should invite you in. The style you choose can transport you to exotic places. It can trigger fond memories of a favorite vacation. It can provide the retreat that is much needed, and no doubt much deserved. Whatever the décor, it should be an oasis at the end of the day. You’ve taken the time to arrange the furniture to fit not only your space but your style. You should complete the design by adding your personal touch with the bedding that reflects your personality. It should divulge the way you want to feel. Bedding is a great way to express yourself. The best part is that bedding is not a static decision. As your taste or mood changes, it can change with you. With a few adjustments, you can celebrate the season, indulge in destinations, or cradle yourself in comfort.

1 - Perfect Duvet

A duvet is a neutral bed covering that has different fillers inside. Sometimes also called a Doona, the duvet can be fluffy, flat, or any thickness in between. The fillers come in different materials. Some are filled with down (the soft under covering on a goose), feathers (the outer covering that repels water), wool, or synthetic alternative material. They come in white, solid colors, or an array of color patterns.

2 - An Ideal Comforter

Like a duvet, a comforter can come in a variety of colors or color patterns. The difference between them is the variety of textures and patterns available. Some are even reversible for versatility. Comforters can be filled with down, but they are typically filled with a synthetic material. They tend to be thinner than a duvet. Sometimes referred to as a quilt, comforters can have intricate stitching patterns that hold the filler in place and add a decorative edge to their design. The cost of the comforter can vary greatly depending on the material and other decorative features like ruffles, 3d design patterns, or tranquil scenes printed on the fabric.

3 - Smooth Sheet Sets

Bed sheets can reflect your style as much as the outer coverings. Although the bed sheets contribute to the overall look of the bedding design, these items are a bit more personal. The color, material and thread count are all factors of comfort. You can fall into an English garden of silk flowers. You may choose to indulge in an 800-count sea of blue. Maybe simple white cotton is your preference. Whichever you choose, be mindful of a few factors. The higher the thread count, typically between 200-800, the softer the sheets. Over time the higher the thread count may last a bit longer and resist pilling. Your preference in bed sheets can make the difference between a night of good sleep and a night of great sleep. For example, if you are a person that gets cold at night, then a microfiber or jersey material may be a better choice. If you get overheated easily you may want to choose cotton that breathes. Also be sure to check out actual thread counts are as advertised. There’s a lot of duplicity in the sheet market. 

4 - Versatile Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are not necessary if you are happy with your duvet. It will add versatility to the design of your bedroom. If you enjoy reflecting the seasons with a change of accessories, then a duvet cover may be the choice for you. Unlike storing multiple comforters, a duvet cover is more like a pillowcase. The variety of materials, designs, and colors can vary as much as bed sheets. It’s not only the seasons that you may want to reflect your style, but it may also change with your mood. If you come back from a tropical vacation that was too short, as they usually are, then a beautiful duvet can prolong the experience. Find one that is like the décor of the hotel, or that invokes fond memories, or that celebrates the aspects that are uniquely you. Whichever choice you make, a duvet cover can give you the freedom to change it whenever the mood strikes.