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The 7 Best Selling 2019 Fords Can Offer Great Value

Apr 13, 2019

Ford as a manufacturer is proud of the fact that their F-Series trucks have been the best selling vehicle for years upon years in North America. Their trucks are pretty much the blueprint that all other manufacturers follow. The F Series has evolved into the one of the best values for money in the automotive world.

However, the F-150 isn’t the only vehicle that feels that way from Ford. They have a number of great vehicles that are not only great cars, but manage to keep prices quite reasonable. This kind of value is often hard to get from an automotive brand. If you’re considering a Ford, the following vehicles are some of the most popular and value packed Fords.

1 - Ford F-150

The F-150 is the flagship of the Ford truck series. It has as many trim levels as you could ever want. The base model still has plenty of features, but the higher trim levels are rolling luxury fortresses that can occasionally be used for work as well. The F-150 has 2 and 4 door options, with short and long bed choices. If you’re looking for a high powered super luxury truck, the Ford Raptor is one of the greatest offroad luxury vehicles in the world right now. The F-150 isn’t slowing down and will likely continue to be the best selling vehicle on the road. Prices for an F-150 Start at around $29,750 and rise from there.

2 - Ford Focus

The Focus is surprisingly one of the most interesting cars that Ford has on the road today. Many people look at the focus and see a boring economy hatchback. Then those people get behind the wheel and drive it. The Focus provides a surprising amount of power and fun to those behind the wheel. This is especially true of the Focus ST which features a 252 horsepower engine upgrade. Sadly, the race designed RS has stopped production. A base focus will start around $18,000, but still features great safety features. The Focus also has an electric version for people looking to eschew gasoline.

3 - Ford Escape

The Ford Escape continues to be one of the highlights of the impressive Ford SUV/crossover lineup. This compact SUV has continued to receive minor redesigns, but quite simply looks good for a crossover. Driving an Escape feels smooth and if you choose one of the turbocharged engine offerings, it can offer some quality pickup. The Escape starts over $25,000 but will rise with the SE or other high end models.

4 - Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion has been around for several years in the current iteration and continues to be a wonderful value in most of its forms (we’ll get to the outlier later). Fusions are very customizable with different engine and drivetrain options. In addition, there are five different trims, meaning that you only pay for the features you really want. Prices start fairly low at around $23,800, but will rise quickly if you pick up all of the features possible. The Fusion is also undeniably a good looking vehicle. The downside for value comes if you choose one of the hybrid options. The hybrid engines are a little weak and come in at a price point that’s quite simply too high with the number of hybrids out there now.

5 - Ford Fiesta

For people interested in shrinking the Focus down to a smaller size, the Fiesta is available. Just like the Focus, the Fiesta tries to offer fun in an economy size. The Focus has S, SE, ST and ST-Line options. The ST and ST-Line start with a powerful 1.6 EcoBoost engine and go from there. The Fiesta also lives up to its name and offers a lot of very visually powerful colors. This is often more appealing to younger buyers looking to be noticed, but fits the car well. Fiesta’s will start around $14,300 and rise from there.

6 - Ford Mustang

Every so often, a company creates a true automotive icon. When people think of Ford, they think of the Mustang. The modern mustang still adheres to the principles of affordable power that it was based on. Base models start with 310 hp engines, and for people looking for more, a V-8 is of course available as well. What’s more, the new Mustang is simply drop dead gorgeous. Combining modern styling with hints of the pony-car past is difficult, but Ford have pulled it off. A base Mustang starts around $27,500 and is an absolute steal.

7 - Ford Ranger

Some cars disappear and are then later resurrected when a company recognizes a mistake. Ford realized that despite the success of the F-150, there was plenty of people who were instead interested in a smaller, mid size pickup. Bringing the Ranger back for 2019 was a great idea. The Ranger takes advantage of all the technology developed while it was gone and features great features like a 10 speed automation and electronic rear differentials. Lane departure assist, automatic emergency braking and blind spot monitors are all found within. Computerized terrain management can account for any surface and means off roading is a very realistic possibility. The Ranger starts around $25,200.