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Woodworking Can Be a Rewarding Hobby

Jun 20, 2019

Oftentimes, people find themselves looking at a piece of furniture, wall art, or room decor, imagine it in their homes, and then are shocked when they look at the price. The next thought could be, "I wish I could make that, and it would cost a whole lot less." Building woodworking projects for the home or for gifts for family and friends can be a very rewarding hobby. The time, effort, and pride that goes into building furniture or decor for the home makes the final product much more valuable. Basic woodworking tools and materials, with some time, patience, and safety precautions, are not too difficult to use. Once you have the basic tools on hand and simple lumber or boards, it is easy to get started.

Getting Started

Initially, some basic research and image searching online of woodworking projects is a good place to start. This gives an idea of what resources are available, what woodworking ideas appeal to different tastes, and which woodworking project could be the first one. There are plenty of magazines and books that are full of woodworking ideas and plans, There are also innumerable free and helpful resources and images online. Wandering through the tools section and the lumber section of the local hardware or lumber store, in conjunction with the research and online resources and images, will offer a lot of familiarity with the types of wood and woodworking tools available. Power tools, hand tools, and various types of nails and screws are all basic materials to consider becoming familiar with.

Tools Needed

Now that there are some ideas for beginning an initial woodworking project, it is time to obtain the basic tools necessary. At the most basic level, a tape measure, a hand saw, a square ruler, sandpaper of various grits, lumber boards, and wood screws and/or a hammer and nails of the appropriate size are required. Standard lumber boards come in a variety of sizes, most commonly one inch by various foot lengths. With only these basic woodworking materials, woodworking projects such as boxes, planters, benches, shelves, and wall decor can be completed in a day or two. If the idea of power tools is intriguing, a power drill, a palm sander with accompanying sanding discs, and a circular saw are good basic power tools. These power tools, along with a simple miter saw if possible, will go a long way to give a nice finished result to woodworking projects.

Online Resources and Projects

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of free, beginner-friendly online resources, ideas, patterns, and plans for beginning your first project. There are many people who create helpful videos online that contain beginning woodworking advice, based on either personal experience or on a sponsoring company's tools and products. A few suggested beginner-friendly sites are listed here:

Once a project has been chosen, please remember that safety is always a first priority. Eye protection, and ear protection if using power tools, are necessary precautions to avoid possible injury. Once this safety gear is obtained, it is time to jump in and begin the build. This new woodworking hobby will provide personal pride, satisfaction, and a fulfilling sense of accomplishment for you and your family and friends for many years. Don’t get discouraged if things start slowly. Keep refining your skills!