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Understand Your Health Insurance Options

Aug 10, 2018

Everyone needs health insurance. Medical care is incredibly expensive. Without health insurance, there’s the chance that a medical accident could leave a person swimming in huge amounts of debt. Health insurance works to keep a person’s money in their pocket in the case of a serious accident or incident.

Health Insurance is available on a statewide basis. While some companies that offer coverage are nationwide, their plans are based your state of residence. This means that if you move, you may need to look into transferring your policy to a different one. It’s never a good idea to be without health insurance for any period of time. So know your options and do everything you can to keep yourself healthy.

How Does Health Insurance Work

Health insurance at the most basic concept is not particularly difficult. You pay a monthly fee so that in times of serious medical issues, the insurance company will cover the rather large costs at that time. This means that people won’t be faced with huge debt, but will instead have paid for all possible medical issues beforehand. It’s true that if someone is perfectly healthy for their entire life, they may feel that insurance is a bit of a waste, but it’s about more than just money. Health Insurance provides peace of mind in knowing that an accident will be taken care of.

What Do You Need in A Health Insurance Plan

Health insurance plans are provided through work, or private purchase options. The very best plans are completely comprehensive. They will cover everything, from hospital stays to alternative treatments like acupuncture. The truth is that most plans are more basic. Ideally you want as much as possible within a health insurance plan. People with vision problems would certainly like vision and glasses to be included.

A health insurance plan needs to be as comprehensive as is possible. The most important aspects will be the basic life saving coverages. Every plan should start there, and after being examined. After that, a person’s needs are as individual as the person.

If you have a health insurance plan from employment, it’s possible to fill in the holes with an additional private health insurance plan. This ensures the type of total coverage that makes people feel safe and secure.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Is Dental Insurance Covered in Health Insurance?

A: Typically, dental insurance will not be covered in most health plans. Some offer dental insurance as an add on to current plans.

Q: Who Offers The Best Health Insurance?

A: There’s no one that offers the “best” but there are many popular companies like the Aetna Group, Cigna Health Group, Unitedhealth Group and the Kaiser Foundation Group.

Q: What’s the Cost of Not Having Health Insurance?

A: There’s actually a tax penalty for not having health insurance. It will adjust based on income. In 2017 it was 2.5% of income.

Q: Will my Doctor Accept My Health Insurance?

A: Some health insurance plans limit the doctors and locations that a patient may visit. This doesn’t count for emergency life threatening situations, but will often apply for regular visits and check ups. It’s possible they may have to change their doctor.

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