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How To Lose Weight Using These Super Foods

May 01, 2018

When a person embarks upon a weight loss journey, it's not uncommon to feel a sense of trepidation or fear. This is typical because losing weight isn't easy. It requires a great deal of consistency and a lot of effort. Every person's body composition is different and so, the weight loss journey will look different for everyone. However, there are a few facts that ring true across the board. It is important to drink lots of water. It's also important to eat healthily and exercise. Furthermore, healthy eating and rest both play major roles in weight loss. Healthy eating is a lot more impactful for long-lasting results. In order to really achieve the results you're looking for, you'll want to take advantage of a few superfoods. Superfoods provide the most nutrients for the body and will support you as you look toward living a healthier lifestyle.

Superfoods to Try

  1. Salmon
  2. Chia Seeds
  3. Kale
  4. Sweet Potatoes
  5. Lentils
  6. Blueberries

Explaining the Superfood List

Salmon is filled with Omega-3 fatty acids. It's also helpful for weight management and reducing the chances of heart disease. Incorporate it into your diet through grilling, steaming or baking it. Add herbed seasonings and enjoy the delicious flavor. You can pair it with steamed vegetables or on top of a green salad. Make sure to choose wild salmon instead of farm-raised salmon.

To take things up a notch, chia seeds contain even more Omega 3 fatty acids than salmon. They're excellent providers of fiber in a diet. The fiber content is important because it typically equates to weight loss because it helps people feel fuller for a longer period of time. In the morning, add two teaspoons of Chia seeds to a glass of water. Throw the Chia seed water into the blender with smoothie ingredients. You'll have a delicious meal replacement smoothie that's rich in fiber.

Kale is also very high in fiber and it's low in calories. This is music to the ears of someone looking to lose weight. Grab a handful of kale. Wash the leaves and stems. Cut the stems down into small chunks. In a skillet, saute mushrooms, onions and garlic. Add the kale and saute for a few minutes. Use the stems for added fiber and texture. Once the sauteed kale is complete, add dried cranberries and crushed almonds to the mixture. Cover the mixture to let all the flavors marinate. The almond is also considered a superfood!

If you'd like to add Vitamins A,C and K to your weight loss regimen, include sweet potatoes to the menu. Try cooking sweet potatoes in the crockpot for an easy meal. Wash the sweet potatoes thoroughly. Get the excess water off, but leave them damp. Wrap the sweet potatoes in aluminum foil and add them to a crockpot. Set it on low for six to eight hours. Set it on high for three to four hours. Unwrap the foil and add some cinnamon and nutmeg for a nice dinnertime side dish.

Especially for vegans and vegetarians, lentils are excellent providers of protein and fiber. They also don't take very long to prepare. Add some water, seasonings, vegetables and lentils in a pot to boil for thirty minutes. If you'd like to add some meat, some shredded chicken adds a nice touch. For the days when you don't want to cook much, a big bowl of lentil soup will work perfectly to fill you up with superfood nutrients.

Blueberries are filled with phytonutrients to help the body thrive. While many people like to eat blueberries in smoothies or as toppings for cereals, blueberries can stand on their own as a refreshing snack. During the summertime, purchase the ripest, freshest blueberries. Wash them and place them in miniature snack backs. Place the snack bags in the freezer. When you're ready for a snack on the go, pull out the frozen blueberries. It'll feel like you're sucking on refreshing candy.

This isn't a total list of all the superfoods. There are plenty more superfoods to include in your daily diet like legumes and wheatgrass. Start with these meals and continue to build upon it. Learn about new recipes and new tricks to include healthy superfoods in your diet. As you develop a level of consistency, it'll shine through the way you look. Initially, you might not prefer some of the dishes on this list, but give it some time. Your taste buds will change and before you know it, you'll crave all the healthy foods known to mankind.

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