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Which Apps Are Trending for Business?

Sep 05, 2018

No business can run without using some of the latest online software and mobile apps in the modern setting. In an era where close to every competitor is using apps to improve efficiency, productivity and effectiveness, it can be hurtful to one’s business if he decides to choose a different model.

With over half of potential clients using smart mobile phones, businesses can achieve greater customer satisfaction by exploiting the opportunities presented by smart mobile applications. However, a small problem arises: selecting a most appropriate app to use is a tall order given that there are numerous mobile applications available in the market.

With the proliferation of mobile phone apps and related cloud services, businesses have become less reliant on office desktops. Most small enterprises are now able to run 24 hours a day using mobile applications, online tools, and appropriate cloud services.

In reference to technology experts, businesses will soon need to curate customized mobile apps. The experts attributed this likely trend to the fact that most consumers now buy, search, interact, and compare businesses on mobile phones. This article, therefore, highlights some of the most common apps for small and medium-sized businesses.

1. Buffer App

With over two billion people using social media regularly, one of the surest ways of staying ahead of your competitors lies in using effective and well-structured marketing campaigns across the various social networking sites. To achieve this fete, you might need the Buffer App. Use the app to create social media columns, schedule posts for various social media sites, create different posts and schedule the posts for days and weeks.

2. Salesforce1

Every entrepreneur needs a mobile app that enables him to keep an eye on his business even after the designated office hours. In this light, one of the most appropriate apps that can ensure entrepreneurs are connected with their clients and employees is the business Salesforce1.

One of this app’s strong points lies in its ability to provide entrepreneurs with client information. Upon better understanding of a client’s expectations and needs, business owners can use such knowledge to market their services, provide better client service, and improve sales due to the adoption of customer-centric approach.

3. HappyFox

It is impossible to run a successful enterprise without good customer service. When some small enterprises offer customer support during office hours, HappyFox gives others the advantage of offering customer service to needy clients all the time.

This app is good for small enterprises that have the administrative teams acting as support staff as well. All businesses need is to invest in a smartphone to take calls, answer customer questions, and handle tickets.

The concept driving remote client support is getting more popular by the day. More clients expect answers to their concerns without much delay. For this reason, apps like HappyFox have become popular.

4. Accompany

Accompany is one of the must-have mobile applications for busy business owners. This app ensures that the owners stay ahead of the game by researching and presenting important data and information concerning the industry especially if the owner hopes to contract investors.

Accompany does all the research and preparation for the owner ahead of important meetings by providing the latest statistics and information by doing relevant research. The app develops a summary of profiles of all the owner’s contacts based on their activities and online profiles.

Entrepreneurs can use this application to do detailed research on a variety of topics as well as keeping an eye on the enterprise’s competitors by creating their updated online profiles.

5. Wave

Wave automates invoice generation and payment handling by bringing the feature into your smartphone. With this app, businesses owners are able to generate and design invoices while also tracking their status from the same platform. This app ranks among the most useful apps for small enterprises that need to peruse through invoices regularly. Moreover, Wave app users can also fetch reports; this is a good money dashboarding feature.

As the small enterprise grows, Wave continues to offer even more features. The app supports payroll management. This makes it easy for the owner to track the payment of salaries and wages.

6. ShipStation

Enterprises that have specialized in selling and shipping products online need time-saving e-commerce applications to streamline their shipping. ShipStation, a cloud-based application, allows business owners to process orders online, print shipping labels, get order notifications, track shipments, and is simple to use.

Below are some of the application’s key features.

  1. ShipStation works well with other e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce
  2. The app creates custom shipping labels. The labels can be used to show off the business brand
  3. ShipStation streamlines the order processing system to match the business requirements.

7. SurveyMonkey

Small businesses ought to refrain from guessing what clients need. With SurveyMonkey, entrepreneurs can create surveys to review the level of customer satisfaction, get anonymous feedback on the business’ products and services, website structure, pricing, and any needs that your business does not meet in a satisfactory manner. The SurveyMonkey app helps business owners to develop both complex and simple surveys by offering tips on how to structure questions. Creating surveys is collaborative, and the result reports can be viewed by all team members without necessarily sharing login information.

Below are some of the application’s key features.

  1. The app enables business owners to create surveys with the help of customized templates. The entrepreneur can brand the survey with business colors, watermarks, and logos
  2. The app analyses survey results and publish them for review as they trickle in from the respondents
  3. SurveyMonkey enables small business owners to send surveys to your clients via email, social media platforms, websites and more.

There are numerous mobile phone applications available. The ones mentioned above barely exhausted the list, but they can be really useful for small enterprises. One big advantage of mobile phone applications is that they can be customized to cater to a business’ specific needs at an affordable price.