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What Kind of Software Does Your Call Center Need?

Oct 03, 2018

There are many people out there who don’t like call centers. They view a bunch of unwashed sales people waiting to interrupt unsuspecting people during their dinner with useless phone calls they don’t want.

However that’s not true at all. Call centers provide all kinds of services to people. Call centers are where people call to purchase services they want. It’s where they call for customer assistance. Consider this, the first place a 911 call goes to is a call center.

Running a call center well is difficult. Whether the center is ingoing or outgoing will make a big difference in the way it’s run. Regardless, it’s key to have solid software in place for either. Call center software makes a center run smoother. For sales centers, this increases their return on investment. For service centers, concerns are more quickly and easily alleviated. Good call center software is key to these improvements.

What is Call Center Software?

Call center software works to smooth out the operations of a call center. There is a lot of different automation procedures which are included. One of the most important is taking tasks and fully distributing them among the team. This ensures that everyone working to make or receive calls are equally busy and handling as many issues as possible.

Call center software will also track calls that have been made. It will note requests to stop calling as well as sales. What’s potentially more important is tracking leads or partial interest. These are the situations where a company can make a sale that perhaps would otherwise go astray.

Call center software will also integrate into any number of different software systems. This is because there are so many different types of companies that may use it. Customer service doesn’t use the same processes as sales after all.

Call center software will typically integrate into internal and external communications. Any contact via email can naturally generate a call out for a worker and explain why they need to do so. This results in great customer service in good time.

Do Call Centers Still Use Autodialers?

The autodialers of the past were abusive things. They merely attempted to call every number down a list of numbers and see who would answer. Modern autodialers don’t do this. Modern auto dialers are part of call center software suites.

Autodialing software is far more refined than in the past. First, it ignores numbers which are inactive or on various do not call lists. Secondly, it determines accurate times to make outgoing phone calls rather than just picking any time to do so. This enables better customer engagement and less people being upset with obtrusive phone calls.

Benefits of Call Center Software

Obviously if there wasn’t any benefit to using call center software, it wouldn’t be used. There are some major benefits to using call center software. They include:

  • Increased Sales Results - For sales call centers, the software will put all the information there for the salesperson at their fingertips. The software will place higher priority on choosing targets that are ideally more receptive or already expressed interest in a sale.
  • Streamlines the Process - The automation of delivery of calls is not something that should be taken for granted. Many call centers have different departments, and software ensures they all go where they need to be. It also ensures that everyone is receiving the same amount of calls for both outgoing and incoming purposes.
  • Improves Customer Service - As mentioned earlier, call center software improves the customer service experience. Call center software integrates into a companies software to allow them easy access to answers to technical or service problems. Whether the issue is a lost package or an app that isn’t behaving correctly, it can be solved easier.

Popular Call Center Software Options

There are hundreds of software programs out there intended to assist call centers in running their business. It can be very difficult to determine which is the best for a company. Some research will need to be done to determine if what the software offers matches the needs of the call center. Some of the popular software offerings are:

  • RingCentral Contact Center
  • ZenDesk
  • Connect First
  • Five9 Call Center Software
  • Twilio Platform
  • Zoho Desk
  • Branch Manager
  • LiveAgent

There are obviously many more and this list could go on for a long period of time. What’s really important is for a company to find determine if the software fits their size and their needs. With the use of call center software, any call center will function better.