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Over the Counter Medications Help With Moderate Health Issues

Feb 12, 2020

People become ill or injured. It’s something that can’t be stopped. In cases of serious illness, a trip to the doctor and a prescription level medication or drug is necessary. However there are many minor cases in which this level of treatment isn’t required. Over the counter medications are those which do not require a prescription to purchase. The potential for harm from taking these medications is much lower than their prescription counterparts (though all over the counter medications should always be taken according to the instructions provided). Over the counter medications will often have both brand name and generic options. The generic ones will have the same chemical compound as the brand name, but are produced by a different manufacturer, usually the drug store in question. There are many different types of over the counter medications that can be chosen. Some of the most useful and popular include the following. 

1 - Pain Relief

One of the most common types of medications that can be purchased over the counter are pain relievers. There are a wide variety of different types. Some are general pain relief that can work for almost anything. Others are targeted pain relief only for items like headaches or back pain. It’s important to read an entire package on pain relievers. Some can have side effects. Others may conflict with additional medications. It should be noted that many of the different medications for pain relief also have secondary benefits. They can be good for 

2 - Nasal Sprays

Nasal sprays are an important option for people who are suffering from congestion in the nasal cavities and sinuses. Nasal sprays consist of water and a medicinal component. They are inhaled with a deep breath while the other half of the nose is pushed closed, in an effort to get as much of the medicine into the affected areas as is possible. Nasal sprays offer up relief for a limited period of time. If people use nasal sprays too often, it can actually lead to congestion occuring chronically. Nasal sprays are best used occasionally for great effect. 

3 - Allergy Medication

There are legions of people who have to deal with minor allergies to things like ragweed, pets, hay, dust or pollen. It’s incredibly difficult to completely eliminate breathing in some of these allergens without living in some sort of plastic bubble. Since most of these types of allergies are not life threatening, allergy medication is the answer. There are both quick acting and long term allergy medications available over the counter. While these often can’t stop allergies full stop, many are incredibly effective at reducing the symptoms to very moderate levels. 

4 - Cold and Flu

Cold and flu medications come in many forms. Pills, tablets, gels and fluid mixtures can all contain medication designed to lessen the issues from cold and flu. It should be noted that colds can’t be “cured”. Medication for cold and flu are designed specifically to help reduce the symptoms that people are suffering from. This can allow them to feel better while they work on healing. Some over the counter cold medication plus fluids and rest are the best way to handle a bad cold. 

5 - Upset Stomach and Heartburn

Almost everyone has experienced heartburn at some point. Stomach acid has passed through the muscle at the bottom of the esophagus and returned upwards. This leads to an uncomfortable heat and pain. There are more than a few options to help with this. Most commonly people turn to liquid based medications that can help with the heartburn and indigestion. There are also pills which are intended as longer term options to try and relieve symptoms for closer to 24 hours instead of the immediate relief offered by liquids. 

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