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What Can Project Management Software Do?

Oct 03, 2018

Arguably the easiest concept in business is that of communication. It’s also the hardest to master. The way humans are built means that there is often differences in understanding. Two people can read the same paragraph and interpret completely different things from it.

In business, projects are almost always performed by a team. If the team isn’t in sync, then the project isn’t going to be completed properly. There are often endless emails sent between team members and leaders to keep everyone updated on the status of a project. Why go to such lengths? Project management software is available to help a business get their objectives completed more successfully in less time.

Benefits of Project Management Software

Businesses are always looking for every advantage. Any business that use every advantage will soon find itself watching their competitors succeed. There is a lot of great reasons that a company many choose to use project management software. Some of these reasons include:

  • Collaboration - Collaboration between people tends to result in fewer errors and higher success rates. Project management software allows multiple people to work on different facets of a project and see exactly how their work fits into the whole.
  • Budgeting - Most software programs will allow a project manager to determine a budget for any given project and the team can see it through software.
  • Document Sharing - Communication is always increased when there is sharing capability for documents.
  • Better Communication - Collecting and funnelling communication into direct paths internally is one thing. But project management software will also assist in external communications in regards to projects as well!
  • Easy Monitoring - Sometimes it can be difficult for a project manager to get an overview of where a project stands. This is especially true with huge teams. A good software option will keep every manager in the loop with where everything stands.

Popular Project Management Software Options

There are many different project management software programs available. It’s a growing field and it’s understandable that software will continue to be upgraded and updated for it. The following list is far from comprehensive, but shows off some excellent offerings in the field.

  • Workfront - Workfront is a wonderful piece of software that scales up very well for enterprise level businesses. Being cloud based, it allows people to stay abreast of work from wherever they happen to be. Workfront is one of the best programs because it will customize itself for any company to try to provide exactly what they need.
  • Smartsheet - Smartsheet has a wonderful interface and is great at allowing coworkers to share their work as they go along and ensure that no one is left out of the loop. There is also quite a bit of automation available in smartsheet that isn’t necessarily available in other programs.
  • Slack - Slack has become one of the most popular project management software offerings due to the excellent ability to communicate within the office. Slack also has the advantage of being customizable with as many teams or groups as are needed.
  • Liquidplanner - One of the best features here is the scheduling technology. It ensures that people are working on the highest priority items whenever it’s possible to do so. LiquidPlanner provides reports and data to help assist in the decision making process.
  • Targetprocess - This program works to present an obvious and easy to view representation of where every project is in terms of completion. It’s a perfect program for companies that may sometimes struggle with large term organization.