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Orthotics Keep Your Feet Healthy

Mar 12, 2019

Dealing with foot pain can be debilitating. There are a broad variety of issues that are caused when a person stands on their feet all day or does a lot of physical activity. Things like fallen arches and other foot issues can all lead to pain in the feet. It is also common if a person experiences foot pain that they experience lower back pain as well. As a matter of fact, many people that experience back pain are experiencing this because their feet have lost their natural foot function. Losing the natural foot function can also cause problems in the hips, knees, and the thighs. A person suffering from losing their natural foot function can experience pain while sitting, walking, and doing their everyday routine. For some people, this pain can be so severe that they may miss work or be unable to do their normal daily activities. Fortunately, there is a treatment that will allow a person to get back their natural foot function and that is with orthotics.

What Are Orthotics?

Orthotics may also be known as orthotic insoles, orthoses, and shoe inserts. These are material that is placed inside the shoe to help restore the full functioning of the feet. This is necessary when a person suffers from lower back pain, knee pain, and heel pain caused by poor footing. Over-pronation is the most common reason why people need these orthotic insoles. This is where the arch drops and rolls inwards. It is said that over 70% of the population are affected by this disorder at some point in their lives. The orthotic insoles can help to return the foot to its natural alignment, restoring the full function of the foot. These orthotic insoles will help to alleviate pain in the feet and other parts of the body like the lower back.

Getting Custom Orthotics

The best way for a person to get the maximum benefit out of orthotic insoles is to purchase custom orthotics. Custom orthotics offer a custom fit to your own feet that will fix the pain and the problems with the feet. While regular store-bought orthotics are great, they will not fit is good as a custom orthotic will. A custom orthotic will mold to your entire foot structure, helping to realign it. To get this done, your doctor will do a cast of your feet. The cast will be sent a lab to create a custom fit orthotic. This orthotic will be able to fit inside your shoe and allow you to experience relief from the pain that you have felt. Custom orthotics can range in price and be around $300-$500 per pair.

Over-the-Counter Orthotic Brands and Types

There are several different types of over-the-counter orthotic brands out there. A person will want to take their time and research what brand and what type works best for them. There are a broad variety of options. Here are a few of the most popular brands of orthotic insoles.

  • Superfeet - Superfeet has a broad range of different insert models that will fit for all types of footwear. This brand will help to improve the lower body alignment of the wearer.
  • Dr. Scholls - Dr. Scholls is well known for its orthotic inserts. They even have a pain relief orthotic line that is designed to help people who suffer from various foot ailments. They specialize in products that are made for people who suffer arch pain. Their inserts are known for their lightweight feel and the ability to provide heel support.
  • Redi-Thotics - Redi-Thotics offers a broad variety of types, chaises, and sizes of orthotics. They also have a line of kid orthotics for children who suffer from foot problems. Redi-Thotics footwear is designed to work well with most kinds of footwear.

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