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Sales Enablement Tools Help Make Money

Oct 02, 2018

There’s one thing that’s often very apparent to people who run a business. That is that sales is king. Without a great sales department, there is no chance for a company to be successful. There will never be a replacement for the ability, the knack if you will, of a good salesman to detect an opportunity to make a sale to benefit both their customer and themselves.

However, that doesn’t mean that technology should be left out of it. There’s no reason to not make sales simpler. Sales enablement tools make sales quicker for people who take a while. It makes them easier for people who find sales difficult. It makes sales larger for people who already excel at selling.  In truth, it’s never been a better time to be both technologically savvy and a salesperson.

What is Sales Enablement Tools/Software?

Sales enablement software does many things for the consumer. The first and most obvious is that it makes it easy for a salesperson to establish a repertoire with a potential sales target. All of the information about that target is at their fingertips, as is all the information that they could possibly need to help them make that sale.

Sales enablement software also keeps track of all data that occurs during every engagement. This puts all of the information about every conversation and every email with a customer at the fingertips of the sales team.

A major feature that hasn’t even been mentioned yet is the ability to use sales software as a marketing tool. Most work to allow for the creation and distribution of marketing tools. Many companies will accidentally create a situation where their marketing and their sales goals aren’t necessarily the same.

Best Sales Enablement Software Providers

There are a lot of companies that offer excellent sales enablement software options. Each of these is different in design. Some are intended for small niche businesses, while others attempt to provide functionality at an enterprise level. There should be a piece of software out there for any company. Some of the best software offerings are:

  • Seismic - This is one of the larger software options in the world. Seismic is excellent when it comes to automating the distribution of information. This is one of the reasons that Seismic is beloved by large companies which need to keep information flowing clearly and without miscommunication.
  • Highspot - One of the best things about highspot is that it is excellent at spotting inefficiencies within a business. This lets the sales team increase their conversion rates and make more sales! Highspot also allows for a large amount of communication within sales teams, so they are truly working together, and not merely a group of individuals.
  • Guru - Guru doesn’t just provide software, but it provides software wherever a company needs it. Rather than just a desktop piece of software, Guru even offers a browser extension to put the power of sales enablement at their fingertips. In addition, Guru will consistently verify information to make sure that there is no out of date information being used by a sales team.
  • CloudApp - This software offering adds a social touch that many others do not. It allows for easy transfer of visuals and effects like GIFs. This allows for enhanced conversations and puts both the team and customers at ease.

There are so many great software options out there that a company will always be able to find one that works for them. All it takes is some research and a knowledge of what a company wants to accomplish with their sales team.