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What Are the Benefits of Using Event Management Software?

Sep 05, 2018

The cornucopia of event management applications available can seem daunting. It comes down to the type of event you need to plan and the size, as well as the desired features. For example, if you have a web designer and developer on staff, you probably don’t need a software that generates an event website from a template. Options exist for one-time needs, freelance event planners and corporate, enterprise solutions used to plan frequent meetings and conferences. This article introduces you to the benefits of this type of software and examines a few of the top programs for event planning.

What is Event Management Software?

Event planners and hotel management use event management software to plan and manage conferences, conventions, events, professional meetings and trade shows. The applications streamline the planning and hosting processes by providing assistance in attendee registration, marketing, payment processing and venue selection.

What Are the Benefits of Event Management Software?

Most event management software shares common functions. These include:

  • attendee management,
  • registration management,
  • venue management,
  • ticketing,
  • event analytics and reporting,
  • event marketing,
  • on-site management,
  • session management .

These apps let the event planner create custom registration forms, manage guest lists, design seating arrangements, host polls and surveys to engage users and assign escorts and security to attendees. Some apps also include travel arrangement options like hotel booking. Most applications let the user create custom reports and measure the return on investment (ROI) of an event. ROI metrics include:

  • audience engagement,
  • marketing reach,
  • utilization of budget,
  • utilization of venue.

In some software programs, the planner can market the event using built-in tools for creating the event’s website, create and send promotional emails, social media posts and send push notifications to attendees. The best software offers a mobile integration or a mobile app that attendees/registrants can download.

Popular Event Management Software

The pros who plan events rank the applications that let them event plan. They rank Bizzabo as the best. It holds the number one spot by serving enterprise customers like GitHub, USAA and WeWork. This cloud app serves conference and corporate event planners with logistics planning, registration and event management.

Probably the best-known app to consumers, Eventbrite, offers planning suitable for small events such as community events, small fundraisers and personal or holiday events. Also, a cloud app, it offers items an enterprise solution doesn’t usually like badge printing and crowdfunding. You’ll also get standard features like registration, social media marketing and ticketing. If your event is free, so is your app use.

Another highly regarded application, Event Squid, has much more to offer than just a snazzy name. Who wouldn’t want to use a squid in everyday work? Event Squid offers no calamari, but you can use it to handle offering a mobile app to users, payment processing, registration, ticketing, event layout and tabling and volunteer management.

Those needing an enterprise level solution should try Cvent. It serves internal and third-party planners. Its logistical benefits include a tool that lets you determine the least cost venue for an event. Its design spans the lifecycle of the event from planning phase to event reports and analytics. It offers tools for communications, marketing, registration, ticketing, travel management, budgeting and mobile apps for Android and iOS apps. It even offers badge printing.

Whether you need to plan a one-time community event, or you work as a corporate event planner, event planning software can help plan and organize the event. The app for you offers what you need without overwhelming you with unnecessary features.