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How Can You Take Advantage of Conference Software?

Sep 07, 2018

Finding the perfect system for your company and staff to utilize for your business needs is highly important. The best-suited system will make a world of difference when seeking to provide a smooth workflow for your staff. More and more employees are showing a desire for workflow tools that include instant messaging, email integration, video, telephony and web conferencing. Video conferencing offers an online platform for linked communication between two or more different locations. With these telecommunications technologies being utilized by your staff, your company will be ahead of everyone else. This is the number one preferred business tool preferred by employees and eventually everyone will be using it.

What Is Conference Software?

Conference software is a platform that facilitates the live communication between individuals or groups of two or more participating parties housed in different locations. The communication between the parties is hosted through the transmission of text, video and audio information. Companies big and small utilize video conferencing software to further enhance the community and environment of the company. When companies utilize video conferencing software they can establish connections with employees and partners all over the world. Many of the video conferencing software available for use extends communication between parties by allowing for the collaboration and sharing of business documents.

What Are the Benefits of Conference Software?

The Productivity of Businesses Increases

Improving the communications between participants and other parties bring the workflow to one that is more organized and in sync with one another. As the productivity increases, decisions are reached at a quicker pace. The efficient workspace and production outcomes aid in the faster resolution of problems and services centered around clients have a quicker development process.

The Cost of Travel and Time Lost are Reduced

One of the main benefits of utilizing conference software is being able to cut back on the cost for traveling to necessary meetings as well as saving more time to get other important work completed. Never having to leave the office to solve out-of-office issues or traveling to attend a meeting aids in the growth of productivity for the company. Making conference software available to your customers provides another avenue to build a good reputation, a trusting relationship and a welcoming community for clients. Live video conferencing also provides an alternative for employers to conduct interviews with potential employees who are unable to make the initial interview.

Provides an Advantage Over Other Businesses and Employee Maintenance

By integrating video conference software into the workflow of your business, you will have the upper hand in relation to other businesses. Not having to travel often by employees while being able to work from home supports employee retention. The work environment accommodated by reduced requirements for travel successfully provides a balance between work and the personal lifestyles of employees. The relationships between team members are not damaged because of employees working from remote locations. Instead, the business relationships thrive from the interactions transferred via video conference. These interactions have proven to provide a great alternative for meetings normally held in person.

Popular Conference Software

Video conferencing software has now become a mandatory staple in the market of business globally. Businesses utilize the conferencing software and experience the ability to be flexible, take advantage of the workflow productivity increases and save both time and travel costs. The following are popular video conferring software used by businesses of all sizes around the world.


  • Highfive- This is a web and video conferencing software that has features that give collaborative parties the ability to communicate company-wide. This software is powered by Dolby Voice. As a result, it has been named one of the most innovative companies in the industry by Fast Company.

Videxio Cloud Videoconferencing

  • Videxio Cloud Videoconferencing- This web conferencing service allows for HD video conferencing. Calls are not limited to desktop computers or laptops. Instead, users can make calls from any device such as a mobile device or tablet. There are subscription plans available for any business size. Videxio Cloud also works alongside Skype for Business.


  • Lifesize- With this conferencing software users have the ability to record and share all meetings. The software has web, audio, chat, and video conferencing features. The interface is simple to use, and it allows for the sharing of screens along with the integration of company calendars.