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These Tips Will Guide You To Your Healthiest Possible Hair

Jul 22, 2019

A thick and luscious head of hair has multiple benefits. Healthy hair lets you style it however you want. Healthy hair has a vibrant shine that you can’t get when your hair isn’t just perfect. A person with healthy hair tends to be more confident about their appearance and their life. 

How do you get healthy hair? Whether you’re a man or a woman, you want to maximize your follicles. Healthy hair oftentimes comes from a healthy scalp. Many of the tips ahead are designed to keep both hair and scalp healthy and hearty. In the end, your genetics will determine some of your hair characteristics. But how you take advantage of what nature gave you is up to you! Try out the following hair health tips in this guide. 

1 - Massage 

A scalp massage is a great feeling. But in addition to feeling good, a scalp massage is also really beneficial to hair health! You just need to use the right oils. The first benefit of a scalp massage is increased circulation. The second aspect is the oil used for the massage. Coconut for example is a great choice., This oil works as a natural conditioner and promotes hair growth. The oils also help to keep the hair hydrated. This is especially important for people who choose to dye their hair. This can dry out and damage the hair. A good oiled scalp massage will help restore some luster. 

2 - Eat Right

Many people think that hair care is all about the exterior of the body. However, to have healthy hair, one of the first things that people should do is make sure they are eating a healthy diet. Specific foods have benefits to scalp health. Blood circulation helps the scalp, so foods that have antioxidants are a benefit. This includes food like garlic, pumpkin, mango, seafood, red wine, sweet potatoes, and watermelon. Antioxidants are readily available in many different foods beyond that list, so find some that you are partial to! In addition to those, high protein foods can assist in hair growth. Eating healthy levels of chicken, beans, nuts, leafy veggies and eggs can be quite beneficial as well. 

3 - Let Your Hair Be Natural

Dying your hair a certain color may look good, but there’s a price that comes along with that shade. No matter how gentle the box claims it may be, dying hair will cause a lot of damage to the scalp and hair. This is because hair color is almost ammonia based. When people dye their hair, they dry it out and leave it craving moisture. If you must dye your hair, try to choose one of the all natural options. They admittedly aren’t as thorough as the chemical ones, but your hair will thank you! 

4 - Wear a Hat!

This may sound like an odd choice. Some people think that head coverings can damage a hair. However, using a hat or scarf when there is harsh or very dry/dusty weather is common sense and an easy way to enable hair health. Also, be sure to protect the scalp during very sunny weather. The scalp can become burned and damaged even through hair in bright enough conditions. 

5 - Change Your Washing Routine

It may seem surprising, but many people are over-washing and drying their hair. The first step for both shampoo and conditioner has to be to choose a mild one. Trendy high perfume shampoos may smell great, but often lack the oils and nutrients that hair actually need. Choosing a mild conditioner is also a must. From there, don’t use too much, or too frequently. Advertising shows people using large amounts for a reason. It’s so that you’ll run through the bottle quickly and have to get more! Try using a little bit less at a time until you get down to the minimum amount necessary. The final change to washing your hair should be after the shower. While it’s tempting, don’t brush hair while it’s still wet. Hair roots are softer when wet. This means they can be pulled out easily and there will be quite a bit of hair fall when brushing wet hair.