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Books for Kids Can Inspire a Lifelong Love of Reading

Jul 30, 2022

Many people have always been fascinated by the idea of a lifelong love of reading. A love that can continue at different stages in life and discover new adventures together. It is a beautiful idea, and hopefully it will also become a familiar concept for everyone.

Books for kids can inspire this lifelong love in people of all ages, but children should be the ones who benefit from the books they read when they are young. Children can see just how easy it is to fall in love with reading at such an early age, and that fascination will often motivate them to continue their education through various forms of learning later in life. However, to develop a love of learning, children need to get involved with books. These can be read to them or read by them. 

Kids Books for Ages 1 to 4

For children a bit younger and those just learning to talk, it’s good to select some books that might be good to give them a foundation for the love of reading. These books focus on teaching kids about different animals and helping them learn their names for them through repetition. They will also begin to see the patterns in everyday life so that, in time, they can learn how to connect complicated sequences.

The Cat in The Hat (Dr. Seuss), an ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book! (Dr. Seuss), and Pat The Bunny are all great options for this age group.

Kids Books for Ages 5 to 9

Once children are a bit older, they are old enough to begin reading some of the longer stories and possibly books with more pictures to visualize what is happening.

Kids can have just as much fun reading a story about animals as adults do reading about a historical event. The main difference is that an adult might read something like this but not understand why it is such an important historical event, whereas a kid would need a bit more help with that aspect. It is a great time to introduce kids to books based on history and teach them a bit about their own culture.

Journey Into Reading (Dr. Seuss) is always a good choice for kids learning to read, but it can also be helpful for older kids who can read along with the text.

You Can't Touch My Dragon! A Personal History of Dragons in Art and Culture (Dr. David Panneton) is an excellent book for children ages 5 to 9 that touches on dragons, history, mythology, and fun facts all in one book. Examples of other books are The Little Prince, The Five Chinese Brothers, and The Fox.

Kids Books for Ages 10 to 13

This time period is a chance to show children they can take on more challenges. There are books with deeper themes and topics, but at the same time, they still have plenty of pictures so the child can understand what is happening without having to read it. It is a perfect time for them to start breaking away from the more simplistic stories and also to begin to appreciate the ability of different authors and illustrators to share their experiences with them. An example of books that fall into this category includes: 

  • Daniel's Story: A Brother's Battle with Leukemia (Kiley)
  • The Fault in Our Stars (Green)
  • I Am Malala
  • The Help (Tolstoy)
  • The Diary of Anne Frank
  • The Giver
  • The Outsiders (S.E. Hinton)
  • Hatchet

These are all excellent choices for a young reader. 


Your kids have an open mind; they will love every one of these fantastic stories. This book list will help them open their minds and begin to think about things differently, which can only be suitable for the type of person they will grow up to be in the future. These books are also sure to teach them essential lessons like honesty, integrity, and responsibility, as well as upholding other vital virtues like bravery, friendship, and courage. These values are more important to embrace in life than any fun and action children can have and these essential lessons will only make them better later in life. Overall this list is as diverse as possible, so it should include something for every type of person who might find themselves in a bookstore looking for a book to read. The books on this list are not written like they were meant to be children's books but are often written with the same resounding theme, whether they were initially intended as children's books or not. It is something tha makes them all equally valuable.