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Alternative Weight Loss Treatments Are Becoming More Popular

Apr 30, 2018

Weight loss is a hot topic and for anyone looking to lose a few pounds. There are many options for one to consider before deciding which treatment is the right choice. Many of the treatments available for consideration depend on how much weight needs to be lost. For those that need to lose less than 20 pounds, there are several options that may be appealing. For those that need to lose more than 20 pounds, there are many more options to consider. There are many questions that need to be considered before selecting the weight loss treatment that will be best. Surgery to medicine; laser treatments to acupuncture, it is important to consider all treatment options in order to make the right choice. Sometimes the choice of which weight loss treatment to select comes down to previous experience or personal preference. No matter what weight loss treatment is that is chosen, knowing the facts will help in the decision making process.

Questions to Ask About Weight Loss

1. Does Acupuncture Really Work for Weight Loss?

A: There are varying opinions of whether or not acupuncture is effective as a weight loss treatment. There are several places in the ear that are connected to appetite and may help shed the pounds, acupuncture will target those areas. Many studies indicate that acupuncture is most successful when more than 6 sessions are completed. It is important to know that proper diet and exercise are also needed in order to see results from Chinese Acupuncture procedures.

2. Are Weight Loss Medicines the Answer to Weight Loss?

A: Prescription weight loss medicines are usually set aside for men and women who have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight through traditional methods. These weight loss medicines are generally prescribed to patients that have a BMI greater than 30. There are many things to consider prior to deciding that weight loss prescription medicines are the answer. The cost, amount of weight that needs to be lost, and side effects of the medicine are all important factors to consider with your doctor before deciding if medicine, in combination with lifestyle change, is the right choice.

3. What is Bariatric Surgery?

A: Bariatric Surgery is a weight loss treatment that requires a surgical procedure to reduce the size of the stomach to promote weight loss. There are several different procedures. Gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and adjustable gastric band are several of the popular procedures. In general all available weight loss surgeries do not require large incisions or long hospital stays. Most adults are not considered for weight loss surgery unless they have a BMI of 40 or above. Speaking to a qualified physician that specializes in bariatric surgery is essential before deciding that bariatric surgery is a valid treatment for weight loss.

4. Are Traditional Weight Loss Programs the Best Weight Loss Treatment?

A: There are so many different programs that utilize specific diet plans in addition to exercise to assist people in losing weight. Some programs focus on the kinds of foods you eat and limit carbohydrates. Others try to give a balance of food group selections in order to promote long term weight loss. There are others that have their own food to purchase. There are many programs that will help with weight loss when coupled with exercise. Are they the best? To some people perhaps.

5. Will Laser Treatments Work for Weight Loss?

A: Laser treatments for weight loss target fat cells. This choice is best for individuals that need to lose weight in a specific area such as the stomach or waist and have less than 20 pounds overall to lose. The laser liquefies the fat cell allowing the fat to leave the body through the bowels. Each treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes and must be performed by a board certified physician. It is also recommended that one maintains a healthy diet and incorporate exercise in order to be successful with laser weight loss treatment.

There are many different weight loss treatment options available for consideration. Deciding which is the best comes down to how much weight needs to be lost in combination with personal preference. Having a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition and incorporating physical activity will help no matter which option is best.

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