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How Does Pilates Improve Your Body?

Jul 20, 2018

When a person sets out on the journey to improve their health and change their physique from a visual standpoint, something becomes abundantly clear: There are multiple techniques that will provide the desired outcome. How then, given their list of options, can an individual avoid paralysis by analysis? Although the traditional approach of finding a gym, performing basic exercises and sprinkling in a dash of occasional cardio does work, is there another option? According to popular media outlets, there's an answer for the sudden outcry for change. Pilates -- a form of training that emphasizes the importance of balance, equilibrium and the mind-muscle connection -- is becoming the exercise routine that most practitioners turn to when they wish to spice up their fitness lifestyle. This article will attempt to demonstrate why a gym enthusiast, regardless of their experience level or prior knowledge, should implement the movements and core principles found within this practice.

Pilates: A Routine That Will Change Your Life

1. Is Pilates Hard?

A: In general terms, anyone can perform a Pilates routine with relative ease. Newfound practitioners are recommended to start their workout ritual with a Pilates move called "The 100." Users are expected to find a yoga mat or soft surface in which they can comfortably lie facing toward the ceiling. From here, the person is instructed to bend their knees toward their chest which will, ultimately, resemble sitting in an invisible chair. Lastly, the user will move their arms up and down at their sides for a count of one hundred. However, for those readers that cannot perform this amount of repetitions, lower the count as needed.

2. Can I Perform Pilates at Home?

A: The brilliance of the Pilates framework is that it allows its users to perform various exercises within the comfort of their own home. Although certain studios are established to make the practice more efficient, beginners are absolutely not required to attend or enroll in a class. A person can simply find a quiet place in their home, lie down a yoga mat or use a soft surface, set a timer for a specific duration and get the blood pumping! It's really that simple and can be used on business trips, vacations, family gatherings and events where you can't squeeze in time to hit the gym.

3. Do I Need Special Equipment?

A: Although bands and small weights can be incorporated during specific movements to increase the intensity of the workout, equipment is not necessary. Other than finding a comfortable space to perform the routine, only body weight and stability are needed from the practitioner to engage in a rewarding workout. If a user doesn't have access to a yoga mat or comfortable surface, a carpeted floor or bed can facilitate the workout with great success.

4. I Have a Pre-existing Condition, Can I Still Participate?

A: As a rule of thumb, users are always recommended to consult with their doctor or healthcare physician before performing any strenuous task or exercise routine. Users that suffer from serious heart-related ailments such as Coronary Artery Disease, a previous heart attack, clogged arteries or elevated blood pressure are recommended to use extreme caution during their workout. Failure to do so can cause more problems than they solve! In conjunction with this, some users find that pre-existing issues like arthritis, anxiety, lower back pain, muscular tension and chronic fatigue improve after their Pilates workout.

5. How Long Should My Session Last?

A: With Pilates, the practice depends on the user's stamina level to gauge an "effective" workout. In a sense, this means that each user must find their own level of endurance and build from that foundation when they begin. From there, they may find that their session can last anywhere from thirty minutes up to an hour for advanced individuals. Remember to seek balance and maintain the integrity of each movement as it's being performed. Pilates is about building peace within the mind through flexible movements that engage every muscle in a unique fashion.

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