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What Can You Get From Subscription Boxes?

Sep 24, 2018

These days, people have the ability to get so much from online shopping. Rather than traditionally going through items one by one, the best and newest trend is subscription boxes. For a simple monthly fee, subscription boxes will cater items towards you.

Most subscription boxes will get better over time too! This is because companies use algorithms as you show which items you loved, and which you’re not interested in. This is especially great for fashion boxes, as you will always receive the latest trends. Still wondering what you can get from a subscription box? Keep reading for some of the best things you can get online.

1 - Fashion

Keeping up with fashion trends can be incredibly difficult. They are constantly changing. The best part about a fashion subscription box is that you’re always getting new things that fit your style without having to put in the effort. Some of the best ones are:

  • Le Tote - While this is a more expensive box, you get to actually try the items out, and you only purchase what you like, and return the rest. Free shipping and easy cancellation also means you don’t have to feel like it’s a big commitment.
  • Frank and Oak - This subscription box ensures that everything they send fits just perfectly. In addition, if you feel you don’t need a box one month, you can merely skip them when you wish. Selections are based around your own personal style.
  • Gwynnie Bee - Many people with plus size bodies struggle with fashion. This subscription box allows people to choose how many monthly items to try out. What started as a plus size box has shrunk as well, and now sizing ranges from to 32.

2 - Pet Boxes

Anyone with a dog knows that they are going to chew through their favorite toys in no time at all. Cats grow bored with chasing the same toys. A subscription box is kind of the perfect answer. It combines fun, grooming and tasty treats into one monthly subscription. Here are some of the best:

  • BarkBox - BarkBox is one of the most popular pet subscription services. BarkBox will provide your loyal dog with all the important grooming products, toys and treats they desire. There will often also be some novelty items for the pet owner too. BarkBox is widely considered one of the best pet subscription options.
  • Purr Packs - This box focuses on entertainment and keeping your cat well fed. There will be toys, treats, and they often include items to keep your pet amused like scratching pads. It’s very customizable in both items and scale.
  • Bullymake - Rather than just targeting regular dogs, Bullymake is intended for dogs that are the toughest chewers. Dogs with greater bite force tend to go through things quicker than other dogs. So why not deal with that? No matter the size of the dog, Bullymake has something for everyone.

3 - Makeup

Makeup and beauty products are perfect to enhance a look or to highlight features of a specific outfit. However, makeup is often expensive and sometimes people get caught purchasing the same items over and over. Beauty box subscriptions allow top quality products to be delivered right to the door and maybe provide inspiration for a new look. Some of the best are:

  • Birchbox - Birchbox works on a samples idea. This way you may not get a large amount of something that you don’t like. Simply set up your own beauty profile and wait to see what you get each money! It’s also very affordable.
  • Lip Monthly - Whether it’s a hot new lipstick or a stunning gloss, Lip Monthly focuses entirely on your mouth. You’ll receive several items each month for a really reasonable monthly fee of $12.95!
  • Play! By Sephora - Sephora is one of the biggest names in beauty. Each month, they will send premium products and a bonus item for only $10 per month. The large reach of Sephora means that falling in love with a new product should make it easy to find in the future.

4 - Snacks

Are you an adventurous eater? Maybe you’re just trying to get off of the standard junk food wagon. Well, snack subscriptions offer a great option to these people and more. Snack boxes will send a monthly crate full of tasty morsels to whet your appetite. Some of the best are:

  • NatureBox - The goal of NatureBox is to try and make snacks that are made from better quality and healthier ingredients. The most common option is to sign up and choose 5 bags of snacks each month for $24.99. There’s also a yearly subscription which will allow people to order whatever they wish at a lower price.
  • Japan Crate - Japan is well known for their adventurous products. Their culture is very attractive to a lot of people. This crate will provide you with all kinds of Japanese candy and other snacks. Japan Crate offers a $12 mini box in addition to their large $30 Premium subscription.
  • Snack Crate - This is similar to the previous subscription in that it is based in other cultures snacks. However, rather than one country, it will choose a theme each month for a different country. Curious about how people snack in Malaysia? This is the box for you.

5 - Geeky Fun

This was one of the originators of the subscription box phenomenon. Suddenly people were able to get cool collectibles and memorabilia in a simple monthly box. Posters, figurines, t shirts and others are very common items. Most will choose a theme for a month and the items will relate to the theme. If the theme isn’t to your liking, you can bypass that month and wait for the next one. Some great memorabilia crates are:

  • Loot Crate - One of the first, Loot Crate continues on strongly today. Loot Crate runs about $14 per month and will provide people with a large variety of goodies.
  • Loot Gaming - If you’re a hardcore gamer, this may be the crate for you. The products are all licensed from the gaming world, and many of them are specially developed and only available through the subscription.
  • Teeblox - This subscription always features some great graphic tee shirts and will often include extras like comics, buttons and other various items. If you want to show off your nerd pride, it’s a great subscription for you.