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Simplify Maintaining Your Home With This Checklist

Sep 27, 2018

Purchasing a home is only the first step in a lifelong affair with it. It’s important to recognize that the home you purchase has likely been put into perfect shape. The previous owners want to put the very best foot forward to drive up the price.

The natural order in science is that of entropy. This is the decay of the things we have. A house is no different. To keep a house looking and performing at its best, it needs to be properly maintained. However home maintenance can add quite a lot to your chore list. Many people procrastinate maintenance until an issue can cause a serious problem. This checklist should help determine what needs to be completed and keep a house functioning well.

1 - Wood Cleaning

One of the first things that a person needs to do is prepare for wood cleaning. This can be a small or a large job depending on the amount of exposed wood in the house. Wood cleaning typically isn’t particularly difficult. Wood cleaners are widely available and will restore a wonderful shine to all wood surfaces.

2 - Carpet Cleaning

If you have lots of wood floors, then you may not have a lot of carpets. However, if you don’t, you will probably need to put some effort in. Carpet cleaning starts with simply vacuuming. After that, deep cleaners or steam cleaners are a great option. They can be rented relatively cheaply. During this time, also check the structure of the carpet. Ensure that it’s still holding perfectly and there’s no warping or rolling in the base of the carpet.

3 - Filter Changes

Clean air is something that is really important. It’s always good to change out HVAC filters monthly (though many people might only do it in 2-3 months. A clean filter ensures that particles in the air get trapped rather than ending up in a person’s lungs.

4 - Drain Cleaning

There’s always multiple drains to check. One method is to work from the bottom up. Check the basement drain and ensure that it’s not blocked in case of a flooding situation. Next, check the plumbing and drains on the first floor or outside. Run water through everything and ensure there are no leaks. Finally work in the top floor. This method will ensure that the issue is always diagnosed quickly.

5 - Fire Maintenance

It’s crucial to always check out things that keep a home safe from fire. Checking all smoke detectors is important. Most homes should have a fire extinguisher, these should be checked quarterly to ensure that they are ready to protect a home.

6 - Window Maintenance

Temperature maintenance can have a different meaning in winter and in the summer. It’s good to consistently check on windows and determine if any air is passing through. Relatively inexpensive repairs or new windows can actually save a large amount of money from heating or air conditioning bills.

7- Mold Checks

There are a lot of different places within a home where mold can grow. It’s often difficult to detect behind drywall, so it’s important to be thorough. Anywhere with moisture is a potential breeding ground. It can come off of pipes behind walls, or somewhere as simple as in a damp basement.

8 - Roofing Checks

One of the most expensive and tedious repairs to a house is when there is a roofing problem. There’s nothing worse than a large storm exposing a problem and flooding an otherwise pristine home. Checking the roofing and look for any types of leaks or deformity in the wood. Roofing repairs often need a professional, but finding the damage early can make it easier and save a lot of money.