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Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy!

May 24, 2019

Fur babies are just as important as actual children and taking care of them can be just as difficult. However, the beauty of dogs is that their needs are usually quite simple. They need to be fed, watered, and they need to be played with. Thanks to their wolf heritage, dogs are typically quite energetic. When they don't receive the exercise that they need, it can affect both their health and their mood. As such, it's important that you find the right toy for them to play with when you can't take them to the dog park for a full round of fun!
This article will help you keep your dog both happy and healthy. Within, you will find suggestions for both dog food and treats that other owners have sworn by and their dogs have enjoyed. You take good care of your family. Now it's time to take good care of your dog, too.

The Best Dog Food Brands

It's difficult to know what kind of dog food is best for your dog. There aren't one-size fits all dog food. Each type is specific to a certain breed or weight or age or even health concerns. Because of this, you need to know a few details about your dog. Are they a puppy or an adult? Are they small, medium, or large? Do they prefer wet dog food or dry dog food? Once these initial questions have been answered, you can start looking at brands.
One brand that you may want to consider is Nature's Variety Prairie. They typically offer holistic nutrition for dogs. This means they offer real meat and balance it with other nutrients stemming from vegetables, fruits, and grains. If you want your dog to have a full meal of everything he could want, then you might want to check out Nature's Variety. Natural Balance Original is another great brand to consider if you want your dog to have a gluten-free diet. The kibble used in this bag is typically just chicken.

The Best Dog Treats

A treat should be a treat to eat. That's why one of the treats you should consider getting for your dog is Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky dog chews. The bag contains jerky sticks that measure up to six inches. These jerky sticks are slow-roasted and made up of turkey, chicken, or beef. It doesn't contain fillers, either, so you can treat your dog to a pure-meat snack that they'll love. Wellness Natural Pet Food Puppy Bites is another great choice for those who have puppies or enjoy giving their dogs biscuits. You may want to choose their soft lamb or salmon treat. Not only does this offer them a hypoallergenic source of protein but it can help with the health of their eyes. Blue Wilderness can also offer up some interesting treats for your dog. They use meat from otherwise different sources like an alligator, venison, and even duck. They're an excellent option for those whose dogs may be allergic to chicken or turkey.

Popular Dog Treats

Dental chews make up some of the most popular treat choices for owners since they serve as a treat but also as a toothbush for our favourite pupper.
In particular, dog owners have been buying Whimzees for their pure-vegetable base. This recipe makes it easier for dogs to digest. The shape of the treat, also, makes it easy to slip into a toy for the dog to try to get out on its own. Its also used to clean a dog's teeth. Greenies is another popular dental chew that pet owners swear by. They have a minty flavor and scent, so you can be sure that your dog's breath is improved almost immediately. Snack 21 Skin Rolls is a tasty treat not just for cats but for dogs also. In this package, owners can find 100% salmon skin. Their dogs are sure to love its flavor. Owners will love the Omega-3 Fatty Acids within the treat.

The Best Dog Toys

When you can't take your dog out for a long walk to run at the dog park toys are the next best option. Keep your dog engaged and entertained at home with these fun toy options. One of the most unique dog toys that you can find is the Haute Diggity Dog Muttini Bar Collection. These plush toys are in the shape of a few beer cans. It's perfect for both beer-enthusiast-owner and their dog. The KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Balls are another option. Dogs love the squeaky sound and they're durable, so they can last longer than many other toys will. This durability especially makes them good choices for larger dogs or dogs classified as "power chewers".