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Hockey Cards: A Great Collectible

Jun 21, 2019

Collecting cards has been a great hobby for decades. From baseball to regular playing cards, card collections are a fun way to be entertained and even make investments all at the same time. Hockey cards have been around for over 100 years, and have been enjoyed by hockey fans and collectors across North America and even the world. Collecting hockey cards can be a great addition to a card collectors collection, or a starting point for collectors and hockey enthusiasts alike. With a large number of suppliers, resources, and references, collecting hockey cards is not difficult to get into, and can pay off big time in the long run; some hockey cards have gone for as much as $50,000 at auction! The best way to build value is to start collecting rather than purchasing one card at a time, and companies like Upper Deck make it easy to collect hockey cards for all levels of collectors and fans of hockey. With framed collectible sets, large box sets, individual player cards, team sets, and special editions like rookie cards, the opportunities are endless for collectors of all levels and ages. Here is a little bit of information on the history of collecting hockey cards, and where the industry is today.

Over a Hundred Years Of Collecting

Hockey cards became a collectible item in Canada originally, when they were printed in the early 20th century. Hockey cards continued to gain popularity up through the beginning of World War 1, and were being printed and added to candy products, cigarette boxes, and even some food products through the end of the 1920's. World War 2 had an effect on the production of hockey cards, as Canada was active in the war from an early date. This did not stop the industry however, and the production of hockey cards and hockey card values boomed in the 1950's and later. More and more companies began to print collectible hockey cards, and the market for them grew. The market for hockey cards changed dramatically in the early 2000's when the NHL limited their licensing to only a number of companies. One of those companies was Upper Deck, and today they are the only card company licensed by the NHL to produce authentic collectible hockey cards. Hockey card values increased because of this, and older cards from companies that no longer produce NHL licensed cards have become more valuable than before.

Questions About Collecting Hockey Cards

The following are frequently asked questions regarding the collection and values of hockey cards:

Q: Is it easy to find hockey cards to collect?

A: Yes, hockey cards can be purchased at a number of popular retail stores, and sports collectible stores.

Q: Can I find hockey cards online?

A: Yes, hockey cards can be found online both at online suppliers, and auction sites where individuals sell their most valuable sought after cards.

Q: How can I tell how valuable my cards are?

A: Card appraisers can be researched online, and databases are a popular way to gauge just how valuable a given card is.

Q: What is the most valuable hockey card out there now?

A: In 2016, a 1979 O-Pee-Chee Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card sold for $465,000!

Q: Is it important to keep my hockey cards in good condition?

A: Like any other type of collectible cards, hockey cards will retain their best value when kept in the best condition possible, meaning no bends, folds, wrinkles, or tears. The best way to ensure this is to keep your cards in clear sleeves and out of direct exposure to lots of sunlight and moisture.

Q: Where do I start when it comes to collecting hockey cards?

A: Upper Deck releases sets of hockey cards every season, and picking up the latest set is always a good start. Additionally, if there are players or teams that you like in particular, you can find cards for them specifically on trading and auction websites.