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Do You Have the Right Attire for a Day on the Links?

Feb 09, 2020

Wearing the right attire is a part of the sport of golf. The appropriate clothing is one of the most important aspects of the sport. Golf attire is an unspoken rule of sorts among golf enthusiasts and players. At professional golfing events, such as the PGA Tour or the LPGA Tour, there are very strict attire requirements. Many golf courses also have a dress code that players must follow to be eligible to play the game. Golf courses have these rules in order to assist even the most amateur of golfers in understanding and adhering to the etiquette of the sport of golf. Any player should check with the golf course before arrival to ensure the proper etiquette and dress code of the course. The dress code and etiquette includes shirts, pants, shoes, socks and hats. In order to truly enjoy a day on the links, it is imperative that golf players ensure they follow these standardsBoth men and women can follow the information in the list below to ensure that they comfortably enjoy a day on the links.

1 - Shirts

Men are expected to wear shirts with collars at most golf courses. The material utilized in classic golf, collared shirts for men include polyester, microfiber and even cotton. Some men's golf shirts have a turtleneck collar instead, but it is imperative that the golfer check with the golf course before wearing this. Women's golf shirts are all required to be modest and may or may not have a collar. Plain t-shirts and tank tops are usually not permitted for either gender unless it’s a public course. Moisture wicking is important with golf shirts as it allows players to play comfortably 

2 - Pants

Men may wear full length pants or shorts. The full length pants should be made of cotton or polyester. The shorts should be somewhat dressy with a front that is either pleated or flat. Denim is up to the discretion of each golf course. Women may wear full length pants, modest shorts, capris or golf skirts. The golf skirts are specifically made in that there are shorts underneath and there is an allowed range of motion for swinging the golf club. Denim that has been cut off, workout pants, and athletic shorts are not typically permitted for either gender.

3 - Shoes

Shoes are part of the sport of golf just as they are for many sports. Golf shoes are important to the game in that they give comfort to the player, offer traction when walking and offer stability in the swing of the golf club. Golf shoes also contain spikes on the sole. In many cases, depending on the golf course, these should not be made of metal but rather of plastic or rubber. Regular tennis shoes are up to each golf course's discretion. Other types of shoes including boots or sandals are generally not allowed at golf courses.

4 - Socks

Socks are an essential with any type of sports related shoe. Socks with fiber technologies allow for greater comfort for players. Tube length and ankle length socks are permitted. There are no spoken rules typically about the design or type of sock allowed. There is an unspoken rule concerning etiquette that the sock should match the player's outfit. This matching could involve matching a pattern or matching the color of a player's shirt, for example. This is more common in tube length socks that are more visible, especially when wearing shorts or golf skirts in women's cases.

5 - Hats

Most golf courses do not have specific rules concerning the types of hats that may be worn by golf players. Hats and visors that are more of a baseball-style are the most popular types of hats seen among men and women on most golf courses, however. These hats shield a player's face, eyes and head from the sun. Straw hats and caps may also be seen on golf courses, depending on the player's preferences. More casual hats such as beanies, cowboy hats and fedoras are not necessarily appropriate though there are no written rules typically.