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What Are the Benefits of Vitamin D Supplements?

Aug 15, 2018

Even when people are children, they are always told by their parents to get enough vitamins in their diet. What’s often lacking from a young age is further knowledge beyond that basic refrain. What exactly does it mean to be getting enough vitamins? Which vitamins are important?

One of the most important of all vitamins is vitamin D. It’s one of the building blocks of health. People need to ensure they are getting enough Vitamin D. But why? What makes vitamin D so good for the body? Is it some magic vitamin? The truth is that vitamin D is important for development of important bodily functions, but also very important in not developing many of the issues that humans fear. So what are the benefits of vitamin D? Read on to educate yourself.

1 - Strong Bones

This is the main point of vitamin D. The first and most crucial job of Vitamin D is to help promote bone growth and structure of a body. The skeleton is the structural basis of a body. A deficiency in Vitamin D will cause an issue called osteomalacia. This has the body developing mis-shaped bones, creating structural issues within the skeleton.

2 - Young Children Develop With Vitamin D

Young children need vitamin D for their bones. Without it, they will develop a disease called rickets. When a child has rickets, their bones are soft and easily broken. These fragile bones are unable to withstand the daily rigors a child puts them through. This can lead to all kinds of other issues, or needing to wear braces and other protective gear.

3 - Helps Avoid Obesity

People don’t often think about vitamin D and think about the weight loss benefits. While vitamin D doesn’t help lose weight, it has been clinically shown to assist in not gaining weight. Weight that isn’t gained doesn’t need to be lost in the future.

4 - Helps Heart Health

A large number of Americans die every year from heart disease. It’s one of the most dangerous issues that people deal with. Studies have shown a positive correlation between people with high levels of vitamin D and avoiding heart disease. Obviously, no one wants to get heart disease. Considering all the other benefits, why not keep vitamin D levels high?

5 - Makes Up For The Sun

The body creates its own vitamin D in the right scenario. When it receives enough sunlight, it will convert the excess to vitamin D! This is fantastic right? Except it takes a lot of sunlight in order to quality for internal vitamin D production. Typically in the United States, you need to be in the extreme south to qualify. Supplements can make up for the lack of production for people in the northern states.

6 - Benefits Yet to Be Discovered

There are a lot of claims from pro vitamin D advocates that suggest that vitamin D helps treat a huge amount of different diseases from diabetes to depression. Unfortunately at this point, a lot of the claims are unsubstantiated. However, there is a great deal of research being held to determine all of the benefits of vitamin D. It’s amazing to believe what will be discovered.

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