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Healthy Foods You Never Realized Were Good for You!

Apr 30, 2018

Consistently eating healthy can be a challenge for many of us. When we think of consuming a healthy diet, we often imagine certain foods that would qualify on our list. Especially if you are dieting, eating the same food day after day can become monotonous after a while. Individuals who are health conscious have a particular notion of what foods we should be eating to keep our bodies in check. For example, you may think that lettuce and chicken breast are the only items you can eat to be healthy. Although foods you usually eat everyday are good for you, many other options are available to us that we might not know about. If you have found it hard to find some new choices in your healthy eating lifestyle, continue reading to discover a list of foods that are surprisingly good for you. These foods you can added to your repertoire to give you more variety. Although you may find some of these foods surprising, incorporating them into your daily life will certainly be no problem at all.

1. Eggs

It has been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eggs have been a controversial food in the healthy eating world over the years. Eating eggs have typically been associated with raising cholesterol levels, but more research shows eating eggs in you can enjoy them in moderation is part of a good eating plan. Eggs are a quick, convenient source of protein packed with all the essential amino acids we need. As a highly versatile food, you can find different ways to incorporate it into your diet throughout the entire day.

2. Avocados

An avocado is actually a fruit. Just like eggs, the avocado can get a bad reputation because of the high fat content. However, it contains the healthy fats linked to lowering our bad cholesterol levels. As an added benefit, high amounts of fiber in an avocado will keep you keep you full between meals. You can get creative in ways to serve it as well. Dice it up to add to a salad or simply spread it over toast for a delicious snack. Eating this super-food can be part of your daily lifestyle as long as you keep the serving sizes reasonable.

3. Potatoes

It is quite easy to skip over this food when you're at the grocery store. The potato certainly isn't the most exciting food in the world, but it has much valuable nutrition that we may be unaware of. To begin with, a potato has a very high level of potassium. Potassium has been shown to reduce the chances of stroke as well as lowering our blood pressure. It can also be a great food for weightlifters to help preserve muscle after a long, strenuous workout. As a food that is easy to prepare, you can add it as a side dish to many meals.

4. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can be another great option because of the variety of ways it can be utilized. Having a good amount of monounsaturated fat, peanut butter can be a good snack when you're in a rush. Be careful to choose natural peanut butter that avoids added sugar. When you read the label, the only ingredient should be peanuts. Just like an avocado, peanut butter has high levels of potassium. It can be part of your daily diet as long as you don't eat the entire jar. You can add it to almost any food or just eat it off the spoon.

5. Coffee

Yes you can include your coffee as part of a healthy diet. Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. If you don't add substantial amounts of sweeteners and creamers to it, coffee has a variety of health advantages. The caffeine can help your brain function and help with better performance at work. Looking to shed a few pounds? Coffee can be a great addition to any diet because it can help burn fat and increase your metabolism. As you head out for work in the morning, remembering your coffee can provide much benefit to your overall well being.

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