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Common Types of Lawyers and How They Can Help You

Sep 06, 2018

Everyone will experience legal issues at some point in their life, many times as the result of a tragic event or other type of personal legal emergency. The number of potential issues that could require legal assistance is actually so pervasive that many attorneys devote their entire career of practice to a specific area of law. Of course, there are also many attorneys who practice in a range of associated legal fields, especially when they are located in smaller communities that cannot provide a client base for specialists. These attorneys too are still limited in the scope of comprehensive legal counsel they can provide, such as in criminal law or personal injury matters. Knowing who you may turn to for legal help in any given situation is important, and here is a listing of focused legal professionals and a discussion of how they can help with their expertise and representation.

1 - Criminal Defense Attorneys

Being arrested is always a difficult experience for anyone, especially when their involvement in a potential crime case is minimal or circumstantial. Even the arrest can be problematic regardless of actual criminal activity, and the charge alone could spell trouble when the court system appoints a criminal defense public advocate as legal council. Personal criminal representation is always best because an attorney can investigate a criminal case independently when necessary. In addition, a personal criminal defense attorney can question police officers or witnesses regarding what they observed or have previously stated to court officials. Prosecutors are always focused on conviction, and details of the case are often overlooked without solid legal representation that will fight for your rights. Public defenders work for the same state that is prosecuting, and their priorities could be easily compromised.

2 - Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury cases are very common in the court system, but most cases are settled before going to court is required unless the injury is catastrophic or involves a fatality. Wrongful death claims can also be available in many of these situations when the defendant acted illegally or with gross negligence. Many times insurance benefit coverage is in place, but insurance company claims agents are known for evaluating all legal claims looking for a technicality that can exempt the company from paying benefits. They also routinely put blame for an injury largely on the injured claimant, and having an experienced personal injury lawyer is vital for equitable and commensurate compensation.

3- Workers Compensation Lawyers

Injuries that occur at work are usually processed in a specific court system maintained by each state. Federal law requires all states to establish employment regulations regarding handling of workplace injuries, and rules and regulations of the particular employment craft can matter greatly. Employers regularly want to contest or attempt to block work injury claims, and having an attorney who is focused on workplace injury law is best because the dynamic of compensation and coverage differs from typical injury cases. Workers compensation injury companies also use specific tactics, which could be a bad faith determination by the court, and an attorney who specifically practices employment law will understand how to craft a case for maximum benefit for their clients.

4 - Estate Planning Law

Everyone with significant assets will normally have an estate plan established that protects their assets from collection following an untimely death. Wealthy individuals normally understand the need for preparation because it can have a dramatic impact on the family without a valid legal directive. However, even an issue such as disposition of dependent children can be a serious family matter when a parent dies unexpectedly. Anyone with a dependent family should have a comprehensive estate plan that addresses all family issues as well as provides for protecting assets. This can be especially important for families that own businesses or are partners in a business endeavor. Estate law can be very detailed and complicated. An experienced estate planning attorney will know how to combat problems before they happen.

5 - Employment Lawyers

Working people all depend on their jobs for survival, but employers are not always legally compliant when they want to terminate an employee. The "at will" employment system in the United States gives business owners significant power to operate their businesses, and that includes deciding who may work for their operation. However, certain employment situations are covered by union contract or EEOC laws that can result in compensation for those who are unlawfully terminated from employment or forced to work in unsafe or illegal conditions. The only recourse the employee has is often retaining an employment lawyer who can take the case to court for evaluation regarding illegal aspects of the termination or injury condition. Injuries and termination cases are often associated, and a legal professional experienced in employment law is always needed.

6 - Business Lawyers

America is largely built on independent businesses, and all businesses will face legal issues at some point. This is actually a regular occurrence for some companies. Having a designated business attorney means all legal elements of business operation are discussed and appropriate action taken to protect the business owner and their entity. Having the proper business structure is very important as well because everything from ownership to liability is a concern, including tax responsibilities and required business licensing. The best method of protecting a business is usually by consulting with a business attorney even before beginning operations because they understand what could easily be potential problems the novice business owner does not realize.

7 - Family Lawyers

Disputes, breakdowns and separations are some of the most emotional and challenging events a family can go through. Family lawyers are available to help families during these most difficult times. They can provide legal services to families that are just starting out or those that are seeking a separation. Some services that a family lawyer can provide are: divorce, separation agreements, custody and other child related matters, property division, and spousal support. Typically family lawyers practice in one geographic location, because each state has its own guidelines for how family laws are applied.

It is very important for everyone to know who they would call in the event of a legal emergency, and it is equally important to be prepared before the situation arises if at all possible. Merely hiring an attorney because they are a personal friend may not be the right decision. Always contact an attorney with solid experience in the specific legal field in which the problem exists and let them put their experience to work for you.