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What Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Are There?

Aug 15, 2018

Many people may choose to undergo cosmetic dentistry in order to alter the shape and appearance of their teeth. These procedures provide a person with an improved smile and the willingness to show it off more often.

The types of procedures available range from the very simple to the very complicated. Correspondingly, they also range from fairly reasonable prices to some eye watering figures. But what is a perfect set of teeth worth to a person? The confidence they bring is something that can’t really be measured with money. So which procedures are most common? These are several of the most common cosmetic dentistry options.

1 - Teeth Whitening

This is arguably the most common of all procedures with cosmetic dentistry. It’s relatively simple and relatively quick. Since teeth become slowly stained through their daily use, some people attempt to cosmetically improve the appearance to get them to be more white.

There are a few different options. Professional teeth whitening can be completed at almost any dental office. If sitting in the chair doesn’t work for you, then you can also perform do it yourself teeth whitening. These tend to come in the form of toothpastes and other products from the various oral hygiene companies out there. These will work to reduce stains on the teeth gradually. They can be effective, but not as effective as professional treatments.

2 - Dental Implants

Many people will lose a tooth over the course of their life. It can happen due to an accident, or if a tooth becomes diseased and needs to be removed. Regardless of the reason, a dental implant will allow the person to have a near perfect replica tooth implanted into their mouth. The cost of a dental implant runs several thousand dollars and it’s a long process. The titanium root of the implant must be placed into the jaw and takes approximately 6 months for the bone to heal over it properly. From there, the implant can be installed. This can also work for multiple teeth, but the price increases as well.

3 - Inlay

These are a type of filling that can be used when a tooth is too damaged to receive a traditional filling. They are molded for the tooth and attached to them on the outside. These allow the tooth to retain the traditional look, rather than having to be removed for appear severely damaged.

4 - Bonding

This is another type of cosmetic procedure where a dentist will mold it to appear like the teeth surrounding them. This is usually used on fairly serious tooth decay. The bonding material is sculpted and chosen to match the color of the teeth nearby. It’s glued onto the front of the tooth and makes it appear completely healthy to anyone looking. It’s very popular for people with chips or cracks in their teeth. Bonding is relatively inexpensive and easily completed.

5 - Veneers

Veneers are another cosmetic item that is attached to the front of a tooth or teeth to give them the appearance of healthy teeth. In this case however, it’s not necessary to have real problems with the teeth. Veneers can simply by a cosmetic issue like a tooth that is healthy but crooked. IT can also help people with large gaps in their teeth that makes them feel uncomfortable. Dental adhesive is placed on the necessary area, and the veneer is attached to it from there.

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