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What Are the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Options?

Aug 16, 2018

Plastic surgery is not for everyone. However, there’s a proven link between people who get plastic surgery and increased confidence in their lives. People are able to look the way they feel on the inside live more confident and better lives. The reasons for plastic surgery may be voluntary, or may be due to an accident. In the end, the goal is to look and feel as good as possible.

However what are the options? There are a lot of parts to a human body visible to the outside world. Which ways do people like to change themselves through their surgical options? The following information will assist in educating people on the common plastic surgery options they have available at their fingertips.

1 - Facelifts/Facial Rejuvenation

These are typically what people think of the first time they hear plastic surgery. Facelifts are completed in an effort to appear younger. Typically these work to make the skin sit tighter and remove the appearance of wrinkles or other fine lines on the face.

2 - Facelifts/Facial Contouring

Once again, this is commonly referred to as a facelift. However, this goes deeper. Facial contouring will instead include changing the actual shape of the face instead of merely attempting to hide the features of someone as they age. Facial contouring is very common with the nose or the chin. They will be reshaped as desired by the patient as long as it isn’t too far.

3 - Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic surgery isn’t just about cosmetic issues. One of the most common forms outside of cosmetic options is a reconstructive surgery. These are typically in the case of severe injuries or accidents. The surgeon will work from almost scratch using synthetic parts or grafts from other parts of the body in order to reconstruct what was once a functioning body part. This can legitimately take part on any place on the body, but skin and joints are very common. The goal here is to restore a person to 100% health, rather than trying to exceed how they were born.

4 - Breast Enhancements

Many women choose to enhance the size or shape of their breasts for various reasons. Some do it to feel more attractive, and some choose to alter it due to pain or back problems. Whether it’s increasing the size or decreasing the size, many women who have breast enhancements feel better afterwards. Unfortunately breast enhancements often get hit with a negative stigma due to their once common use in the pornography industry. Many plastic surgeons have done their best to reduce this stigma and instead show the benefits many women feel.

5 - Otoplasty (Ears)

There are a lot of people who feel uncomfortable with their ears. The ears may be too wide or too large. Either way, there are surgeries to allow the ear to be pared down to a size that the patient feels comfortable with.

6 - Liposuction

This is one of the surgical techniques that people may use in an effort to bring themselves down to a weight they may consider to be more comfortable. A liposuction treatment will specifically remove fat from specific parts of the body directly. Other surgeries may be tried to attempt to reduce hunger and change eating habits.

7 - Buttock Lift

The rear end of a person is an area that can sometimes be under appreciated. People who don’t feel comfortable with their butt can have a few techniques used. There are fat removing options to decrease size and implants that can be placed inside to increase the size depending on the needs of the patient.

8 - Calf Implants

While many of these are primarily used by women, calf implants are fairly common for men, especially in warm climates where shorts are the lower body garment of choice. Calf implants work fairly simply and simulate the shape of a muscular calf muscle.

9 - Chemical Peels

The chemical peel is a technique that can sometimes be lumped in with facelifts. The goal with a chemical peel is to change the texture of a person’s skin. This is typically done on the face. The thought is that by removing the outer skin, the younger more alive skin beneath can come through and feel softer. There can be some occasional reactions to chemical peels if people have allergies they are unaware of.

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