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How Can Donating Your Car Help Fight Cancer?

Aug 21, 2018

There’s something great about the society we live in. The amount of people who are willing to donate their time and their money into charities only rises. The good they are doing is often unmeasurable. However not everyone is able to donate their time in the same way. One of the most common ways for people to get a tax write off is now to donate a car to charities.

It seems like an odd idea. How can donating a car to a charity actually be a benefit to the charity? The truth is that these cars will often return quite a bit of money that can be put into research and support for people affected by various cancers. It’s a great benefit to fighting an awful disease while providing a huge tax benefit to the donator.

How Do You Donate The Car?

The path to donating your car to charity is actually not that difficult. Thanks to numerous different charities willing to accept cars as a donation, the process has been streamlined. It’s different for each group, but roughly similar.

The first step will be filling out a form. This can be in person or online, but it will include all of the information relevant to the sale of the vehicle. This is the basic information to ensure that the vehicle belongs to the owner and isn’t stolen or anything like that. It also includes information on how the car is running. If there is issues with the vehicle, it can still be donated.

The next step is scheduling a pickup of the vehicle. This can often be done pretty easily and the donator doesn’t even need to be there. The vehicle will be picked up by a tow truck or company and then will be taken away.

Finally, once the car is moved on, a tax receipt will be provided. The amount is equal to the price that the car goes for. Each charity can often take time to find the right place. People also feel good about paying good prices to a charity because they know that money is going to research or other advancements.

How Does Donating a Car to Cancer Charities Help?

It may seem like an odd thing to donate a car to a charity. Afterall, how many cars can a charity use? When a car is donated to a charity, they don’t use it for their own purposes. Instead, they sell move it on and use the money generated from the sale.

Cars that are unable to move could be sold for parts or potentially for scrap. That value will come back to the donator. Other vehicles will be sold outright as they are in good condition. Sometimes if a car has broken aspects that can be fixed, they may be fixed up before being sold. In those scenarios, a mechanic may donate their time and parts to the charity to get the cars running.

Organizations Accepting Automobile Donations

There are a lot of Cancer organizations that exist which are willing to take a car as a donation. It can even be a major source of financial benefits. Some accept cars, while others will take any other form of expensive transportation like: boats, motorcycles or RVs. Here are some of the websites for charities or organizations that will accept donations:

  • Carsforbreastcancer.org
  • cardonations4cancer.org
  • Komen-Cars.org

There are a lot of other charities that also accept vehicles via donation. If you would like to support a specific charity, simply contact them and find out if they accept vehicles as donations.