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What Can Point of Sale Apps Do For Your Business?

Sep 13, 2018

A business can’t function if it can’t process the sales that it makes. The first point of contact when it comes to a sale is called the point of sale (PoS). Before the internet, your point of sale was a cash register where the transaction could be completed and cash exchanged. The internet has changed this and made the whole world a marketplace.

The evolution has continued as people have moved on from basic cash registers. One of the most potent ways that people now complete transactions is through tablets. The invention of tablets provided an excellent chance for businesses to revolutionize their business practices. Powerful mobile computers that can easily be used by anyone make for a perfect checkout experience. In order to make full use of this technology, the user needs a proper point of sale application to assist their business.

What is a Point of Sale App?

Modern PoS applications function as a way for companies to conduct their transactions. These work in conjunction with credit card readers (or eschew them in favor of online transactions) to process purchases. Customers will simply enter their information or swipe/tap their credit card and voila. Suddenly, the mobile device has become a mobile cash register.

However, point of sale applications also do a lot of other things as well. They will send confirmation emails so customers have a digital receipt of their transaction. They can also send emails for follow ups about the purchase to attempt to gain data on customer satisfaction.

From a business side of things, a good point of sale application will be able to monitor all of the transactions and easily generate reports for the business owner. This can allow them to see their sales trends without having to resort to some more expensive reporting software.

Mobile PoS Apps

There are many PoS applications that can be used in mobile devices. Some work for Android, some for iOS and others work for both. It’s important to ensure that your PoS software

  • Square - Square is widely considered to be the leader in the mobile PoS category. It was one of the first that provided a credit card reader that could be inserted into a headphone jack to make things easy. It’s widely used in businesses with quick small sales in an effort to keep things moving along efficiently. It can also be upgraded for specific industries, with Retail and Restaurant packages.
  • Shopify - Shopify started in the realm of ecommerce. It has since expanded to many aspects of business and transactions. Shopify provides a free chip reader to the people who use the service. The subscription fee is very low. Any business using it can find that they are able to easily upgrade the features provided when their business grows and needs them.

iPad PoS Apps

There are some benefits to using an iPad for point of sales. Many people are happy with the security that apple applications have. Some of the best iPad PoS applications are:

  • ShopKeep - ShopKeep is one of the iOS online PoS applications that focuses on the platform exclusively. It also works as a restaurant management application that allows servers to easily change and alter bills, as well as connecting to the kitchen easily. Owners can even check in on their business while they are away with an app that connects to their ShopKeep platform.
  • LAVU - This is another IOS exclusive application. While many PoS applications try to appeal to everyone, LAVU has focused exclusively with restaurants. Their developers have focused on the unique needs of different types of restaurants so that the tableside servers can take advantage of LAVU right at the table. LAVU also integrates really well with PayPal and will allow direct PayPal transactions as well.
  • Revel - One of the most powerful and feature filled offerings in the PoS field is Revel. No matter what is needed, that feature is available and allows businesses to choose multiple payment processors. If there’s a downside to Revel, it’s that getting a good deal requires signing a lengthy contract with them.