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Keep Your Business Data Safe

Sep 05, 2018

Business security differs from personal security in that the scope is much broader and the stakes are much larger. For instance, companies must safeguard data provided them by their customers, a frequent target of high-profile data breaches. Businesses must also protect sensitive information such as bank accounts, employee data, trade secrets and technology.

Mobility complicates the implementation of business security. To begin with, mobile and remote employees may connect to company servers via unsecured WiFi networks that give hackers convenient backdoors. Also, lost and stolen devices can provide unauthorized parties unfettered access to a business for days or weeks at a time.

Fortunately, an entire industry exists that works tirelessly to provide companies with the protection they need. However, before learning about possible solutions, business owners and managers should understand the threats they face and the benefits that security software can provide.

Potential Threats

Although the connected world has created almost unlimited opportunities for startups and enterprises alike, it has also complicated the operational landscape. for example, foreign governments and competitors can leverage their massive resources to compromise business networks and steal sensitive information.

Regardless of whether firms have designed unique tangible products, digital assets or internal processes, other companies want to steal their intellectual property. To do that, they can leverage disgruntled employees, hack into networks or physically break into corporate facilities.

Meanwhile, ransomware attacks are on the rise as cyber criminals aim to profit from lax business security. Also, traditional threats such as viruses, malware, and phishing attacks continue to catch many businesses off-guard.

In addition to dealing with malicious behavior, companies should also pay attention to conventional security threats such as natural disaster, fire, vandalism, and theft. For example, companies that operate on-premises servers may suffer extended data loss and downtime if those servers were destroyed.

As businesses embrace the cloud, new security threats have emerged. From weak employee passwords to logged-in laptops and smartphones, the wrong people can easily create chaos by gaining access to cloud-based storage, software and infrastructure services.

Benefits of Security Software

By investing in security software, companies can gain some vital benefits:

  • Protect against virus and spyware. The software can neutralize malicious links in emails and websites to prevent employees from inadvertently causing infections. Also, the software can perform automatic scans of workstation and device storage to eliminate existing threats.
  • Encrypt sensitive data. Military-grade encryption algorithms can render stolen company data useless to hackers and snoops. The software can frustrate would-be hackers by encrypting website traffic as well as files stored on hard drives and flash drives.
  • Improve regulatory and legal compliance. In a world where industry and governmental penalties for poor data practices can cripple a company, security software can help businesses protect their customers’ payment and personal information.
  • Create secure networks. Security software can monitor network traffic and alert managers of suspicious activity in real time. Some applications can even shut down network interfaces and ports to halt attacks.
  • Ensure continuity. The right software can help companies survive attacks and avoid expensive data recovery costs. For example, by storing real-time backups in the cloud, companies can quickly restore lost data and minimize downtime.

Popular Business Security Software

Although space constraints prohibit an exhaustive list of business security software, companies can substantially improve their security using the following popular applications.


NordVPN creates a secure encrypted tunnel from a workstation or mobile endpoint to a VPN server. From there, they can navigate the web and access other internet hosts with an anonymous IP address.

As a result, companies can protect themselves from man-in-the-middle attacks as well as from compromised routers. Also, by first connecting to NordVPN, mobile and remote workers can safely use public WiFi access points.

EventLog Analyzer

This application stores log files from routers, servers, workstations and devices in a central location. Managers can use this information to monitor network activity, access permissions, compliance. EventLog Analyzer can also archive historical data in encrypted formats to facilitate forensic and compliance inquiries.

F-Secure Protection Service for Business

As a leading online security vendor, F-Secure offers products for consumers and businesses. This product, designed to meet the demanding requirements of small and mid-sized companies can secure every network-connected device by providing real-time scanning for exploits and malware.

The software also has an optional integrated VPN that can eliminate the need for companies to buy separate endpoint protection and VPN products. The application sells at a flat per-device annual rate, allowing companies to adjust their service with fluctuations in demand.