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Mental Health Has Never Been a More Important Facet of Life

Jul 25, 2022

Mental health was once something that people battled in the darkness. When someone was going through troubles caused by mental health issues they were often told to “suck it up” or to “walk it off”. The reality is that mental health is one of the most complex issues that we have to deal with in today’s society. It’s finally something that is being recognized. 

Mental health is complex. What works for one person might not work for another. This is part of the reason that’s important to become knowledgeable about mental health. Fighting ignorance in addition to the complexity inherent in a mental health disorder is a two front conflict. This article will look at some common mental health disorders and discuss some tips for getting assistance and treatment. 

Common Mental Health Disorders

As mentioned, there are a large number of mental health disorders that people deal with. What follows is merely the tip of the iceberg. 

  • Depression - Depression tends to come in two different forms. Clinical depression causes extreme sadness for bouts of at least two weeks. Whereas people with dysthymic depression is a form of chronic depression that tends to be less severe, but lasts for a long time, typically over two years at a time.
  • Bipolar disorder - This is one of the more misunderstood mental health conditions, and yet it affects more people than many realize. Approximately 2.5% of Americans deal with it each year. Bipolar has a large number of highs and lows which can both approach extreme levels and affect reasoning and induce heavy mood swings. 
  • PTSD - Most people think of post traumatic stress disorder as something that only affects combat veterans coming back from action. The truth is that it can actually come from any seriously traumatic or abusive events in a person’s life. Many people with PTSD may feel startled or triggered from sounds or situations similar to those they experienced with some traumatic effects. 
  • Social Anxiety Disorder - This mental health disorder causes people to feel severe fear when presented with basic social situations around them. Many feel judged or mocked despite that not being the case. In turn, they avoid these social gatherings and can become insular. 
  • Schizophrenia - This disorder causes people to struggle with their reality and that of the world. It’s possible for delusions and hallucinations to impact a person’s life and cause them to lash out and lose connection with the people around them. This is a serious mental condition and should always be treated as soon as possible. 

Getting Help With Mental Health Services

The first thing that everyone needs to know is that there’s no shame in accepting and seeking help for mental health issues. This help can come in a lot of different forms. In some cases, the support of friends and family is a great start. Talking with them about your mental health and explaining what you’ll need to move forward is an excellent way to set up a support system. 

Many conditions have helplines set up for those with mental health afflictions to talk. In many cases, these are designed around prevention of negative effects from mental health (the suicide hotline for example), but the important thing is that they are there to help and support people with their mental health. 

Speaking with a doctor and/or therapist is also obviously important. Those who specialize in mental health can help people try to come to grips with their ailments and work to minimize negative effects. It should be noted that many mental health conditions greatly benefit from medicinal assistance. While it does seem that some people over-rely on medicine, it should be noted that mental health is one area where sticking to your prescription can really help out. Oftentimes it can take a while to find the right balance of medications to assist with mental health. This can mean years where adjustments are made every few months to find the right balance. That being said, working with your doctor to find that balance can be unbelievably relieving when you get there. 

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