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Can An Air Pump Benefit Your Home?

Feb 13, 2020

The lungs only contain so much air. Ask anyone who has tried to blow up dozens of balloons how they are feeling afterward, and it’s likely they will wish they had used an air pump or compressor. Many people may think that there’s not too many uses for a home air pump or air compressor. In reality, there may be a surprising number of uses. 

A home air pump is a multifaceted tool. Most are incredibly reliable devices that can help speed up tedious processes or provide some assistance in difficult or even emergency situations. With their ease of use and portability, getting a home air pump or compressor has never been more useful or more reasonable. 

Home Air Pump Uses

The first use of getting an air pump is related to fitness. There are many inflatable items that can be used for sports. While this mostly applies to balls like footballs, basketball or soccer balls, there’s also items like water wings or home water slides that can provide some fun and required air. While hand pumps may work for some of these items, it can be difficult to get the right PSI. Shooting a basketball that’s been over or under inflated is a terrible experience. 

Arguably the most useful use of an air compressor is with tires. People who are struggling with a slow leak may need to do this repeatedly. If you’re someone who switches to snow tires in the winter, this can save having to pay someone to switch them. 

Yard work and home renovations can also benefit from a home air pump. In some cases it’s possible to attach a home air compressor to a leaf blower. Some can help run air powered tools. An air ratchet in particular is useful as it can help get off bolts that can’t be taken off by hand. 

Benefits of Getting A Home Air Pump

A great aspect to a home air pump is the size. Most are quite small as they don’t need giant motors. Smaller power sources work perfectly well. Most air compressors designed for the home are quite small and easily sit on any shelf until they are needed. 

Home air pumps also make up an excellent emergency kit for a vehicle. The potential of a flat tire in an inconvenient location always remains a problem for drivers. By having an air pump stored with a kit in the trunk,  the tire can be reinflated, or the spare tire can be inflated if it isn’t already. 

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of a home air pump is that they just aren’t that expensive for such a useful tool. Air pumps don’t run several hundreds of dollars. Prices obviously vary, but it’s not impossible to find a good air pump for between $40 and $100. 

Best Home Air Pumps

If you’re someone who likes to shop around, there’s plenty of great options when it comes to home air pumps. There’s air pumps for every use. Some of them are great for small items like basketballs. Some are good for medium items like air mattresses. Some can provide far more pressure for tires or other higher pressure air needs. Some of the best home air pumps include: 

  • TIREWELL 12V Heavy Duty Tire Inflator - This is a heavy duty model which has high airflow and is rated to inflate a full size 15 inch tire in around 2 minutes to proper PSI. 
  • Audew Portable Air Compressor Pump - This is a portable air compressor that’s pretty powerful for such a small size. It features a maximum pressure of 150 psi. The downside is that it’s pretty noisy and can vibrate excessively. 
  • Black and Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator - This is a great all around air inflator that can be powered through regular outlets or a car’s cigarette lighter. It will automatically shut off at the desired PSI. If there’s one downside, it’s that it’s a heavy beast. Though it can provide stability if left in the trunk of a car.